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John Fernando Quintero broke his silence and told SEMANA: “I’m not trying to shut anyone’s mouth.”

WEEK: You are the star signing of Colombian football, but Junior is not in the best position. How am I doing?

John of Conception: I know that I talk about my life, about many things and of course they attribute everything to my name, but not only that. I am for the general, that it is not only me, and that you have as pain. There is not one savior here.

WEEKS: Because of who you are, is there double pressure?

JQ: I try to enjoy myself on the field, taking care to know where I am, and I accept the pressure of the fans when I move. From the first day they have helped me and I say to my colleagues: we have hope to restore public partnerships and with a new educational staff. It will be a very difficult challenge, but it must be taken with all attitude and nature.

WEEK: Are you happy in Barranquilla?

JQ: I am glad, I am very glad. I really don’t regret coming here. We experience football as a part of the situation. The attitude, personality and character that will define us in these questions will change the situation.

John Ferdinand Conception in the training sessions of the Colombian National Team. – Photo: @FCFSeleccionCol

WEEKLY. From Argentina they say that if the situation does not improve in June, they will leave in June. Is it true?

JQ: What I do not say, I do not believe this, and even less at this time. There are speculations as to who he lives with, which is beyond me, but in June I will shake up what can be done. Everyone knows that I have a contract for one year and a clause with which we can leave at any time. I will work until the last day that I am here and then we will review what is in June. I want you to know that I am focused on what comes with the Junior and the national team, that I also welcome the invitation and that I will show up every week.

WEEKLY: Are there more than half of the year offered?

JQ: He lives all the time. When I decide to come here, it is because I like a challenge. There would be many things to be developed, but for now I put Junior. As for the river and DIM, I have a lot of love and gratitude for those institutions. In Argentina everyone knows what I went through and what I lived. I’m in Junior and it’s unfair to talk about another club that I love and that represents me. I will always follow them, I wish them the best. I am a fan of Del Poderoso, but out of respect for my profession I owe it to Junior and I must not talk about that topic anymore.

WEEK: Flamengo was not difficult to say?

JQ: There have been many situations, there have been many rumors that I will use Flamengo to get closer to Junior. It is easy to say any number of things when you do not know the facts.

WEEK: What do you say to those who believed in Barranquilla that he would not play 90 minutes because he was not physically fit?

JQ: The first time I came I said: it is a story. Behind the microphone, everyone thinks they know everything. I’m not trying to shut anyone’s mouth, I’m just doing my job and preparing myself well. I come from the very origin of football, which is Argentina, and in the last three or four months I was at the beginning, I had a competitive rhythm. Physically I feel better every day, I can give much more.

Juan fernando quintero plays his first game as a junior player. Photo: twitter junior from barranquilla.

Juan Fernando Quintero plays his first game as a Junior player. Photo: Twitter Junior from Barranquilla. – Photo: Photo: Twitter Junior from Barranquilla.

WEEK: What was the best thing that teacher Arturo Reyes and the arrival of Bolillo Gómez left you?

JQ: To say about the teacher Arturo that I came for him, we have a very good relationship, we were in the national team and always in contact. I don’t like it happening in football, but I really like it very much. I am grateful to him for being a voice of confidence, encouragement and help. I know he is learning a lot from this incident and he will be a great coach for our country. From Professor Bolillo I can say that I had a happy experience with him and what he means in the journal. He is the history of our football and the fact that we have him in our team is very nice, it motivates us and makes Junior a great responsibility to be at the top of the table.

WEEK: Junior was cut by the South American, whose tournament they brought, but against Tolima he was very frustrated…

JQ: I showed that it was sincere. I explained what my colleagues felt. We spent the last 60 minutes with the game in our hands, but I couldn’t shake my frustration. Live for football itself. He is passionate, wanting to be better, and I compete at all levels because they respect you when you win. It’s part of life, this is how I lived when I was little and I was born a competitor.

SEMANA: How should the room be cultivated, because it is said that there are players in poor physical condition and also without training.

JQ: We need to talk about the basics and what is known. It is usual at this time to talk about many things. The theme of the carnival is cultural, it is not closed to diseases. When you are enjoying your life with your family and friends, this is an honest situation. We are professionals and we know what we are playing. There will always be speculation. I love flowers and, if I can be there, I enjoy them with my family seriously and responsibly. We are people who expose ourselves, set an example and take care of ourselves. They are always trained in the best families and are needed in diseases. Leaders are invited to accompany the young people, and we are called to complete them. There was never a problem, I don’t know where it came from.

Conception with junior for 3 years

Conception with Junior for 3 years – Photo: @JuniorClubSA

WEEK: How do you live and help Carlos Bacca in this bad collective and personal moment?

JQ: Carlitos knows how good he is to me. Of whom we have spoken, he is a player of hierarchy and talent who has worked hard and succeeded where there are streaks and streaks. That is why he is not the worst player and if he comes out as a scorer, he is not the best. I have much faith and confidence in my colleague that he will lend us a hand in the future.

WEEK: What are you saying?

JQ: And when you come with us we are grateful and we do not want to deceive you any more. Work and preparation will give results. They are very important to us. It stands in line with them and we can do great things. we are not dead yet.

WEEKS: His body is changing. What did you do differently in Junior?

JQ: I have been here for many years with good behavior. I care too much, but I have an ideal weight and youth time and unaware, because one does not know many conditions. In order to be in great concern. This is my invisible job, I take care of myself in all aspects.

WEEKLY: Back to the Colombian team, tell us about that call.

JQ: The joy is immense, because the pain of going to the state is the most beautiful. I live happily because I will represent my country around the world. It helps to think about what will happen in the playoffs.

John ferdinand conception. Photo: twitter club junior fc (@juniorclubsa).

John Ferdinand the Younger at the Presentation of the Conception. – Photo: Twitter Club Junior FC (@JuniorClubSA).

WEEK: He will meet again with James Rodríguez and new quotes.

JQ: It’s getting to know and meeting the friends you love and experiencing so many good and bad moments. Let’s not forget what happened in the last World Cup. It is an opportunity to reverse the situation, because we are accused of taking away Colombia, but we have not forgotten who we are, where we are, and the conditions of football.

WEEK: Néstor Laurentius knew him from Pékerman’s age. What did he say?

JQ: Lorenzo knows us all too well, Colombian football, our humanity and a little more experience. It is nice that someone from another country loves us so much, loves our land so much, and that he represents us so well, because when we are with him, he is like another Colombian. Everyone asks what, give everything for the selection.

WEEK: You have come from playing in big stadiums in Argentina and you had to go to venues like Guillermo Plazas Alcid in Neiva, which is destroyed.

JQ: I will not enter into anyone’s position, but it is sad to see the historical stages of our era in a serious condition and we have to conclude on the topic. If we want to transcend, we will have suitable stages. A square trader of these, like the one in Neiva, sees the player as a player because of the conditions in which he is, much less a fan. It is sad to see many stadiums in these conditions. Think about it, invest in the game, change lives, create idols, and through it send a message to the youth. You can achieve many dreams or change your life through your dreams.

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