Jonathan dos Santos sends an emotional message to Jorge Sanchez after his imminent departure for Ajax. eagle passion

Thursday, August 04, 2022

except for the complicated moments that Eagles of America inside Liga MX Opening Tournament 2022Another reason for being part of first-team sporting trends is due to the possible departure of George SanchezAn element that works on the right side and has defended the yellow jersey since 2018.

What is known about the case of Jorge Sanchez and Ajaxi

So far, various sports media and experts have expressed that everything indicates that Sanchez will sign a 5-year contract with the Dutch team, which will generate an investment of 6 or 7 million dollars by the Old Man’s squad.

Confessions of Jonathan dos Santos

Around the issue of the footballer’s apparent departure, Jonathan dos Santos He took advantage of this moment to send a very special message to George, where he also shared best wishes for his partner.

“I would be really happy for him. In the end, every Mexican player wants to go to Europe, apart from going to Ajax, which is a great club, I know he will enjoy it, I think Ajax is a great young man. Team for the guys. He has a lot of quality and I know he’ll do great if he leaves but obviously we’re going to miss him, if he leaves we’ll miss him a lot ,” he concluded.


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