Jordi Castell confirms that he has a new partner two years after his marriage broke up: “It’s an old love”

 Jordi Castell confirms that he has a new partner two years after his marriage broke up:

The photographer confirmed that he was in a relationship more than two years after the breakup of his marriage, making it clear that he is not someone who belongs to the entertainment world.

In the last edition of As it is, the panelist Jordi Castell He confirmed that he is in a new relationship. This happened a year after their marriage broke up.

In this sense, the photographer shows that he does not want to publicize his new love relationship, making sure that his new girlfriend does not belong to the world of entertainment.

“I’m in a relationship, rediscovering a love that seems more precious to me. But also, I have wanted to take the same path as you (targeting Raquel Argandoña) and that is not to speak, because I don’t want my relationships to be a public issue,” he revealed.

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“I want to protect it because it belongs to my real life. And he is in the world that I don’t want to see him exposed and for the same reason I want to take care of what we have,” he added.

Jordi Castell’s new love

It should be seen that the relationship between Castell and Juan Pablo Montt, her ex-husband, ended in October 2021.

The communicator mentions this in a chapter of Text Games, where he gave some details of the breakup.

“It is public knowledge that I have failed in marriage. “I am not one to regret the decisions I made, because no matter how bad the experiences were, they became learning experiences, for which I am grateful in life, for the opportunity I had to experiment, take risks and believe in a life project, “Indian.

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“I did everything to fall in love, I threw away the ring, I asked for marriage. My grandfather, who was like my dad, died and I found myself with the need, a big mistake, to start a family. My worst mistake was thinking that to form that family I needed a man,” he added at the time.