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Jorge Cheats On Elizabeth Alvarez With Salinas Nutritionist… He Takes Care Of Her Weight And Some More!

  • Jorge Salinas has been married to Elizabeth Álvarez for 11 years and is about to premiere his telenovela Forgive Our Sins.

  • We caught up with the very affable actor with his nutritionist Anna Paula on the outskirts of Televisa, San Angel.

How surprised we were when we found ourselves outside the facilities of Televisa George Salinas54 years, There was also a woman along with whom, after talking for some time, he gave a tremendous kiss on the face. We spoke with a person from the production of the novel Forgive Our Sins, in which he is currently working, who told us that although everything is going well in the actor’s marriage, he has been dating this girl for about a year. After becoming a doctor surgeon, he met her in November 2021 and currently they keep seeing each other continuously.

– Do you know how George and Elizabeth’s marriage is going?
“Supposedly well, since they have been together for more than 10 years and they are very happy, even George always refers to Elizabeth as the woman of his life and tolerating many mistakes.” thanks him for that.”

-What are you talking about?
“George is a nice person, but we all know he’s very flirtatious, he’s a jolly person, he’s been like that all his life and he’ll never stop being like that.”

Are you still a womanizer?
“What happens is that he always flirts with every woman who stands in front of him; With waitresses, with lovehostesses, with his admirers, but George is like that, Elizabeth already knows him ”.

– Elizabeth doesn’t tell you anything?
“She is not jealous, because she knows how he is and many women come to him; But in recent months they have argued, with George taking advantage now that he is recording a soap opera and disappearing from the house for longer periods of time, telling her that the recording has been extended”.

– Why do you say that he takes the opportunity of being absent from his house for longer periods?
“Because we know that George has been living a double life for almost a year now; And apparently Elizabeth is already starting to have her suspicions, because suddenly she comes to visit him at the recording.

“Yes, about a year ago George started having severe back pain, they also told him that he had to have surgery, but he refused and opted for rehabilitation treatment, and they recommended that he lose weight That’s when he met a surgeon named Anna Paula, who helped him shed a few kilos.

Jorge Cheats On Elizabeth Alvarez With Salinas Nutritionist... He Takes Care Of Her Weight And Some More!

But is there anything between them?
“Of course, although in the beginning they became very close friends, over time this friendship has turned into something more. He cheats on Elizabeth with this woman who is 30 years his junior; he is 24 years her junior.”

But she knows he’s married…
“Of course, George’s life is public, we all know he has been married to Elizabeth for over 10 years, but obviously that doesn’t matter to this woman; We came to know that he has always been his fan and as soon as he took him on as a patient, he would not stop till he obeyed him”.

How has that relationship changed?
“All of a sudden they could see each other outside the hospital, even attracting our attention; Because this woman has even started uploading pictures with him on her network and getting herself noticed like she wants the whole world to know.

Jorge Cheats On Elizabeth Alvarez With Salinas Nutritionist... He Takes Care Of Her Weight And Some More!

-How often do you visit the doctor?
“Suddenly she visits him in the middle of recording and he allows himself to be loved; In the beginning we didn’t think that there was something between them, but sadly it is already an open secret on televisa, because many people have already seen them very close and even kissing have done; And there are others who say that they have seen them leaving together.

“You want to tell me that Elizabeth has already become suspicious?”
“We think so, because I repeat that he suddenly goes to record the novel with them.”

How do you think Elizabeth will react now that she finds out or sees him kissing this woman?
“I don’t know; because it is one thing that he is not jealous and knows that many women come to him and look after him, but it is quite another that he has had a long-standing close relationship with a woman and They kiss in the street like nothing happened, imagine if anything else happens between them when no one sees them. However knowing Elizabeth, she is a very intelligent woman and I think as soon as this is known She will definitely put in the balance what weighs more: her family or a slip that she may have.

Jorge Cheats On Elizabeth Alvarez With Salinas Nutritionist... He Takes Care Of Her Weight And Some More!

– What do you think George has to say about this?
“What happens is that George never refuses to love his fans or any girl who approaches him, he doesn’t discriminate, as the song says, he likes tall people and short, thin or chubby; So I guess George will say that she’s just another fan who approached him and stole a kiss, or something like that, but it’s a fact that he’s going to deny.

– Do you think I am serious about this woman?
“Knowing George, I don’t think he would expose himself in such a way that, if it were something serious, he would not be so foolish as to allow himself to be loved in public; I repeat, he would only Lets love, he knows many women of all kinds, but he has eyes only for his wife.”

– We noticed that during the last December holidays tender messages were dedicated on the network…
“They always do this, we even see in meetings that he treats her like a queen, and Elizabeth in return seems so happy with the family they’ve built and the years they’ve been together, I can’t assure you.” He may have settled down with George, but the fact is that he has a great woman, who has given him many good things and helped him stop some of the excesses that he has committed throughout his life; has brought him even closer to the older kids, which is why he sees them as the loves of his life.”

Jorge Cheats On Elizabeth Alvarez With Salinas Nutritionist... He Takes Care Of Her Weight And Some More!

In the 11 years they’ve been married, has Elizabeth caught any infidelity?
“Not that I know of, and I believe because they will not look as happy on their networks as they are today; But after that I don’t know what explanation George can give to his wife or what she can say about it.

– Do you think this might affect George at work?
“I don’t think so, Jorge is one of those heroes that never goes out of style and luckily he doesn’t lack for work, as he is currently recording a soap opera with Erika Buenfil, And he’s very excited to be in it.” might; Above all that the producers continue to call them, as it is a letter of success for the company”, he concluded.

Jorge Cheats On Elizabeth Alvarez With Salinas Nutritionist... He Takes Care Of Her Weight And Some More!
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