Jorge Rial’s daughter is strongly accused and it includes


Conflict is one of the topics that has been on everyone’s lips for several months. George Ryall and one of his daughters, Morena, end up with lawyers and unexpected moves. Time passes and new chapters of this strong family mix always unfold, as when the young influencer sat down on two famous shows of the world of show business, “LAM” and “A la Tarde,” and talked about some family intimacies. Driver included.

Jorge Rial'S Daughter Is Strongly Accused And It Includes

An unexpected fact about this love-hate story between the media came to light this Wednesday, August 9. George Ryall and your daughter “Morena wants to keep everything hidden from her father. That’s what she did in sacraments,” she wrote from the Twitter account of “LAM,” a program hosted by Angel De Brito on America TV. Melina’s words, in which she said She was a former friend of Morena,

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Jorge Rial'S Daughter Is Strongly Accused And It Includes
George Rial and his daughter Morena

He said in the LAM, “It is an Afro-Brazilian rite in which they invoke ancestors and saints, which is used to ask for and harm others,” and then added: “There is more to do before There has been history since then. On this, Pai said Ariel Gonzalez. It was a Saturday, and she went alone. In rituals, they invoke their ancestors, and they dress like them. They go in groups, and people ask for things. I would have asked for peace. I have another version, which is what the journalist’s daughter would have done: ask panelist Fernanda Iglesias to “get love back.” George rial,

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Nazarena Velez, one of the panelists in the cycle, said that at some point in her life, she too had resorted to this type of rite. “I went looking for answers. I was scared. Because the saints come down, the body stirs. They told me to go; I didn’t know what I was looking for. I almost went crazy Pai does everything; you pray. It was a party; they were all in white. The owner of the house has to accept you, not just anyone coming in,” he said.


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