Journalist asked the longest question in history and burned 10% of the press conference

Journalist asked the longest question in history and burned 10% of the press conference.

Junior’s coach, Arturo Reyes, faced the question considered by many to be the longest question in the history of Colombian football in the middle of a press conference, when a communicator dedicated himself to talking instead of asking. Had given.

It all happened after Junior’s 2-0 defeat against Fortaleza with goals from Bryan Ceballos and Nicolas Rodríguez on the fifth day of the BetPlay Demire 2024-I League.

Later, the interaction with the media led to a situation where many journalists were left with no option to respond as the colleague took up 10% of the activity, leaving only one question with his opinion.

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Journalist asked the longest question in history

At a venue where the time for all questions is 20 minutes, the person extended his question by two minutes and five seconds.

This fact caused dissatisfaction among other journalists who said that they could not even ask questions.

Paolo Arenas clarified his position Now 90% go to the RDP to give their opinion. He could have simply said: “Was it a mistake to have an alternate team?” This lasted for 5 seconds. It’s also disrespectful to coworkers who don’t have time to ask questions.”

“I agree, many of us could not ask because there was not enough time. I understand that experience is key but other people’s time is also valuable,” journalist Oscar Rivera responded.

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