Juan Roman Riquelme talks about the fight between Dario Benedetto and Carlos Zambrano in Boca

Juan Roman Richelme spoke publicly. Again, after a scandal that overtook football. The focus of the interview he gave to ESPN was on the fight in the middle Carlos Zambrano and Dario Benedetto, at halftime of the match against Racing. For this reason, both football players were left out of the squad for two matches, and they will miss the matches against Defense and Justice at Rosario Central, this Wednesday and Sunday.

“The boys have discussed, now is the time for them to reflect. nothing else”. that 16 word sentence He summarized the whole snowball that arose after the events, from which everything leaked verbatim and in great detail. His anger, his journey from his home to the hotel to challenge the footballers, his phrase that “he disrespected the club” and, finally, the ban.

Dario Benedetto in Boca training.  Neither he nor Zambrano will play the next two games
Dario Benedetto in Boca training. Neither he nor Zambrano will play the next two gamesmouth press

Then, he compared: “I was lucky enough to be a soccer player, and the skirmishes that happened in training. This is rare in an official match, because you are always angry with the opponent. You end up fighting the opposite. It’s time for the boys to think and think, but we have to move on.” Soon after, he praised Boca’s work against racing, and highlighted the “great second half”. He even compared it to He also won the Copa Libertadores round of 16 match against Corinthians.

“We had the first half in which the opponent did well, they played well. Nevertheless, we had two very clear positions. And the second half made me very happy because Boca played a great game, even more so if the boys who entered did it the way they did. He played very well, missed many goals. The second half with the racing was similar to the match with the Corinthians., We could have kicked all day and it was not going to enter,” he analyzed.

Despite the lack of goals, Riquelme highly praised Boca's performance against Racing.
Despite the lack of goals, Riquelme highly praised Boca’s performance against Racing.Hannibal Greco

Riquelme also valued the work of the team led by Hugo Ibarra in a similarly intense environment as that of Cylindro de Avellaneda: “It’s not easy going out to play the second half in front of the field with a large crowd”, confirmed the vice president. “The way I look at football, we had the second half where we were much better”. In addition, he also saved the form of the Zenese when he plays in Bombonera, where he has amassed five wins and two losses since the start of the Professional League: “Boca de Local is playing very well. It’s going to be very strong, no matter how little is said, It is more difficult for us as a visitor, but we played a very good game against the racing.

On the controversy over Gomezu’s possible hand

“Final play? No anger. Why? I was very happy and satisfied with the way the boys played the pitch with a lot of guys. It means things are going well. We are satisfied with things as they are, this Apart from the fact that there are always things to improve”.

Rossi. on negotiations for the renewal of

“When we have decided, the offer monterrey By [Esteban] Andrada, we had to spend a week or 10 days turning on the TV and seeing that Boca was going to bring this goalkeeper or this other. And with Miguel Rousseau and the people of the council, We were sure that the goalkeeper was going to be Rossi, It was the only thing we were sure of. So, when a person takes decision and takes it calmly and walks well, it makes us very happy. We are very pleased that Agustin is doing well and the fans of Boca are delighted.”,

Agustin Rossi declines Zenese's renewal offer, but so far he retains starting position in the team
Agustin Rossi declines Zenese’s renewal offer, but so far he retains starting position in the teammouth press

“We started talking to him in March. We offered to renew with us by the 26th because we are so excited he will be there for many more years. After 48 hours his representative made us his proposal, we were surprised and thought he had made a mistake., We reviewed everything, we put in a lot of effort for the club. With great enthusiasm we thought that he would agree, but he said no. And that’s part of football. Nothing happens. We will accordingly enjoy it till June 2023 and we are happy that people want it.”,

On Ibarra’s Continuity as a Coach

“Ibarra had been running our reserve for a long time, he won two championships. the place where it deserves it. properties created, After 10 years he won two titles. The place you have earned today. We are very happy with that.”

Ibarra was widely supported by Riquelme after being asked about his team's performance.
Ibarra was widely supported by Riquelme after being asked about his team’s performance.mouth press

On recovery after defeat against Corinthians

“We knew we were going to feel that blow after being out of Libertadores against the Corinthians and it was going to cost us to compete again, because the team played very well and should have passed. When these things happen, you feel it. You fall emotionally. This is normal, Now we are happy how we are doing at home. The last away game was great. We are very happy with the team and the coaching staff we have.”

On the dismissal of Battaglia

,everything is sporty, When we tied up with Godoy Cruz, all the reporters asked Battaglia to step aside. And we were very quiet. We talked and we assumed that the technician would have to continue. And it went well for us. And after Corinthians we met and we thought it should not continue. we take it easy,

Riquelme insists Sebastian Battaglia's departure was for sporting reasons
Riquelme insists Sebastian Battaglia’s departure was for sporting reasonsmouth press

About Incorporation and their Minutes

,We have top class players. It is not easy to bring Edvincula, who is from the national team, Zambrano is from the national team, Rojo is from the national team, Payero is from Europe, we have brought 9 that all Boca fans wanted to bring, Romero is from the national team, Roncaglia returned home. I’ve heard for the first time that getting 3 or 4 good players is a problem. There’s nothing better than having so many choices and so much competition,

We have Russo and Battaglia, Zambrano has been with his team for two years. He was one game away from going to the World Cup. It was not given. and he behaved like a gentleman because Rousseau and Battaglia assumed that the incumbent was Izquierdos. Now, Ibarra believes the title is Zambrano.,

Despite the fact that Miguel ngel Russo and Sebastian Battaglia did not take him into account, Richelme defended Carlos Zambrano.
Despite the fact that Miguel Angel Rousseau and Sebastian Battaglia did not take him into account, Richelme defended Carlos Zambrano.Karim Jaffer – AFP


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