Juanita Alonso blames the prosecutor's office for violence in Cozumel

Juanita Alonso blames the prosecutor's office for violence in Cozumel

Mayor Juanita Obdulia Alonso Marrufo Referred to the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) Responsibility for the increase in acts of violence and high-impact crimes cozumel And assured that they will work in a coordinated manner with the three levels of government.

The councilor declined to comment on the outcome of the agreement reached with maritime secretary ,semar) to assist in providing them security and which was reportedly aimed at stopping the escalating series of killings.

Similarly, he avoided answering questions about how many criminal groups operate on the island and create violence in the municipality he governs and in which he is now seeking re-election, but he Admitted that there was a conflict between them, although he denied it. Tell me how many and what is its origin?

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For your part, Councilor juan carlos gongora what rated as “Failed Government” one of juanita alonso Who promised to recover the security allegedly lost during the campaign, but which has ultimately deteriorated dramatically.

“In the previous government we carried out only five executions, we have carried out 31. Not fulfilling government commitments is also corruption” He insisted and then pointed out that the mayor and safety board members were incompetent and incompetent.

meanwhile, army of christ and the parish priest of Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe Juan José Soto Castro expressed regret at the atmosphere of violence currently occurring in the island and urged authorities to comply with the civil liberties.

“I worry that Cozumel is getting into the habit of adding deaths.” (sic).

Municipality Chairman at banquet and mandatory interview Magic City of Cozumel On what action will be taken after the murder of a woman Flores Magon Colony Night of 8th February.

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True to his style and without accepting his responsibility as the first authority on the island, he handed over direction and responsibility for the investigation to the FGE.

While emphasizing the role of the Public Security Directorate and its government and security table, he contradicted himself and insisted that they only contribute in that space, as well as in investigations and searches.

He said he has asked the Attorney General to look into the cases of executions in Cozumel and the response he has received is that they are working on them. Later, Juan Carlos Góngora said that citizens are waiting for answers, with a total of 31 executions counting from October 2021.

“It can no longer be stopped and since the situation has become alarming, I requested that the then Director of Public Safety, Rodrigo Rodríguez Peña, be dismissed, but the Mayor retained him in office and his retirement He was hanged 12 times.” , “Luis Alberto Taylor Gonzalez already has 19 kills out of 31 and I’m in the same situation because his strategy hasn’t worked.” The doctor indicated.

Before ending the conversation he said that whenever such an incident happens the situation becomes worse because there is no one, not even a member of the security table, who can come forward and call out bad tactics and worse. Takes responsibility for the results.

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