Judiciary in Coahuila proposes a law to punish stalkers


After several meetings of personnel from the Coahuila State Judiciary (PJEC) with officials from the Ministry of the Government of Canada, they agreed to create a legal concept of stalking in the Penal Code to provide prison sentences for those who commit the act.

Miguel Felipe Meri Ayup, president of the Superior Court of Justice of the Judiciary of Coahuila state, indicated that the proposal has already been presented to the local Congress and there legislators will establish the creation of new criminal statistics.

The judicial officer pointed out that stalking is not the same as harassment, as in the first case the victim does not know who is watching her and interferes with her daily activities. In the second case, the affected person knows exactly who is bothering him.

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The magistrate said that stalking on social networks can be classified as stalking.

He said that complaints have been filed for this type of situation, but they have not been prosecuted, as this figure does not exist in the law.

He said that the proposal to reform the state’s penal code envisages jail term of more than 6 years for those who commit this type of crime.

He indicated that currently many victims are closing their social media accounts, modifying their daily activities and in some cases even changing their addresses because they do not know who is following them and what they are following. may be in danger.

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Mary Ayup said that stalking can lead to a situation of risk to the physical integrity of the victims. “We hope that the Coahuila legislature, which already has our proposal, can approve it.”


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