Julian Edelman, the former player whom everyone now calls Shakira's new dream

Julian Edelman, the former player whom everyone now calls Shakira's new dream

He is 37 years old, father of a seven-year-old girl and close friend of Tom Brady

since Shakira Left Barcelona to settle in Miami, it’s done Connected known with many faces Lewis Hamilton, Now rumors are indicating that he may keep Romance with former player Julian Edelman.

waka waka interpreter on 2 February He turned 47 years old. reason why threw a party Appointment in style in Miami In Edelman’s absence, what triggered it Doubt That both of them are more than friends. In fact, one in Barranquilla posted a photo With Julian Edelman, a detail that has attracted particular attention gave discretion Which the artist wears as his flag.

Julian he is 37 years old (10 younger than the singer, with Piqué sharing the same age difference) and was born in Redwood, California. His name has gained immense popularity due to Great Stars of the National Football League (NFL). It was during his school years that he started showcasing his talent and strengthened his sporting ability. I studied business management at Kent State University and from there he took the big step Signed for the New England Patriots in 2009, The team based in Massachusetts is one of the most successful teams in the competition. after a career full of success Retired in 2021, although he is still associated with the sport.

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On a personal level, former players He is the father of a seven-year-old girl. Called Lily. “My little bug Lily turns 7 today. Watching you grow and become a man funny, kind, loving and compassionate It has been the joy of my life. I love you little one, happy birthday!” he wrote on his Instagram on November 30.

As a result a girl was born Courtship with Swedish model Elle Rose, With whom she broke up during her pregnancy. For Edelman, being a father was A “huge challenge.” The role required him to combine his profession: “There’s a very fine line. You have your art and you work to be the best, something you’ve been working on your whole life since the age of 8, And Suddenly your priorities change. You no longer live for yourself, now you live for your little girl,” he said in Haute Living.

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Edelman is also counted among his friends Who Tom Brady, One of the most important people in your life and with whom They have won three Super Bowls. they started out friends in the New England Patriots and over time they have become great friends Who share their daily lives.

gather more than three million followers On his Instagram profile, a platform on which he shares small pills from his private area. also publishes podcast excerpt In which he participates while conducting the interview. It can be said that Julian Edelman is quite active in the 2.0 universe, where, of course, Follow Shakira.

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