Junts warned that the official status of Catalan cannot be delayed for too long

Junts warned the Government that the official status of Catalan in Europe cannot be

This Tuesday is the fourth time that the Council of the European Union has a debate agenda on Official Catalan, one of the agreements sealed between the PSOE and Junts, but the forecast is that the vote on this matter will be postponed again for the latter and, finally, will not take place during the rotating presidency of Spain. However, the party of Carles Puigdemont warned the government of Pedro Sánchez that this issue would not “delay too long, although he refrained from tightening the nuts on this issue.

The Junts spokesman, Joseph Rios, attributed the delay in this matter to the “misinformation and boycott campaign” that the PP did and avoided talking about the possible non-compliance, but he demanded that Moncloa continue the allocation, saying “all diplomatic efforts” to achieve the agreement are in your hands. Brussels estimated the cost of the officialization of Catalan, Galician, and Basque at 132 million euros, a portfolio that will probably have to manage the next rotating presidency, which will fall into the hands of Belgium and last until the European elections.

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Turull’s “doubt”.

Party sources explained that the party’s general secretary, Jordi Turull is “doubtful” about the fact that tomorrow the Catalan will be able to ring the bell precisely because of the strings pulled by the famous. However, what Junts expected was that the matter would be resolved before the elections because they considered that the Belgian presidency would be sensitive to this issue to keep it on the agenda.

The debate on the official status of Catalan will take place at the same time that the Congress of Deputies will process the amnesty law, the star point of the investment agreement between the socialists and the independentists. According to the post-convergents, this is a “victoria,” which is made thanks to role determination and now has seven deputies in Congress. “Six months ago it was impossible, and tomorrow it will be debated,” boasted Rius, adding that this is a “fix” and not a “forgiveness” of certain events, such as 1-O, which will no longer be considered a crime.

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Greetings between Sánchez and Puigdemont?

In addition to what will happen this Tuesday in Madrid and Brussels, Junts’ eyes are also on Strasbourg, where Pedro Sánchez and Puigdemont will be together on Wednesday because the President of the Government must appear before the European Parliament to take stock of the six-month Spanish presidency of the EU. Yes. Will they come to greet each other or not? The two leaders are now some of the unknowns of that day.