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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Kangana Ranaut told Mamta Benerjee Tadka, there was a stir on Twitter

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Mumbai. Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is currently in the news for her social media posts more than her films. The actress has been voicing her opinion on political, social and almost every issue. However, where the actress is getting a lot of support from some people. So at the same time, they are also being trolled in large numbers. Looking at Kangana’s posts, people believe that she is a big BJP (BJP) supporter. Therefore, it only speaks in their favor. The latest tweet from the actress has transformed the suspicions of the fans into reality. Kangana has been seen raining again on Mamta Banerjee’s victory in West Bengal.

Kangana Ranaut has told Mamata Banerjee in her latest tweet (Kangana Ranaut Latest Tweet) to be thirsty for blood. Also, they have been seen to be fiercely targeted. Kangana writes, ‘This is terrible. We need Super Gundai to kill Gundai. He is like a wild monster. Please show your greatness since the beginning of 2000 to subdue your Modi ji.

The battle has once again erupted on Twitter regarding this tweet by Kangana Ranaut. BJP Supporters are supporting the actress. At the same time, some people are accused of advising Kangana to spread Gundai. People are seeing the tweet of the actress linked to the Gujarat riots. People say that Kangana is directly holding Modi responsible for the Gujarat riots and encouraging violence. The trollers also say that Kangana’s Twitter account should be suspended as soon as possible to spread negativity.

Kangana Ranaut had earlier raised objections to TMC’s victory in West Bengal. And tweeted saying, ‘Bangladeshi and Rohingya are the biggest strengths of Mamta. As the trend is seen, it seems that Hindus are not in the majority there. According to statistics, Bengali Muslims are the poorest and deprived in India, good thing is another Kashmir is being built ‘.


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