Karen Doggenweiler’s daughter made a radical decision about her future

Karen Doggenweiler's daughter made a radical decision about her future

The eldest daughter of Karen Doggenweiler, Fernanda Cornejo, has decided to take an important step in her professional career.

This is what the girl announced on her personal Instagram account, where she revealed that she decided to live in another country, to improve herself in her studies: Political Science.

To do this, he uploaded a photo of his childhood, where he assured that he is happy about the new stage that will start in the coming days in Argentina.

“Go not, come. Today I will leave to live in another country. I am leaving to fulfill a big dream, to be able to practice and continue to prepare myself in what I love most, political communication,” he said.

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In turn, the professional commented that he was “very grateful for everything I have experienced lately.”

And he continued: “I thank my family, my friends, my family in Argentina and everyone who has been part of this process. Know that you can always count on me as a compatriot on the other side of the mountains.”

In closing, Cornejo stated that he is ready to give his best in this challenging job. “I will work with the most intensity, discipline and effort so that everyone deserves it. “The city of anger trembled, here I am,” he said.

Karen Doggenweiler’s daughter receives support from her parents

After Fernanda’s publication, The one who has words for him is Marco Enríquez-Ominami, who assured to be with the entertainer, they are happy with this step in their career.

“Now Nandi is leaving us. With Karen we are sad because we will miss her, but proud and happy for this new phase that begins far away from us. We know that this path will be filled with successes and learning. See you soon Nandi dear!”, he said.

Because of this, the young woman did not take long to respond, and thanked them for all their support. “Thank you very much, I will wait for you there. Thanks for everything. “I’m very happy and thankful to have them,” Cornejo said.

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