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Karl Lentz’s wife ‘punched her midwife three times in the face’, says leaked report

Karl Lentz’s wife punched a babysitter in the face after he caught her under a blanket on the couch, a blatantly leaked report has reportedly claimed.

Laura hit Leona Kims ‘two or three times with clenched fists’ at the home of former NBA player Tyson Chandler in 2016, the document is said to have suggested.

She reportedly alleged that she was then held by her husband and ‘thinking that he did not see what he had seen’.

The blistering report, titled, Internal Investigation Report, in relation to Carl Lentz and other cases, is said to lift a lid on Lentz’s shady behavior.

New York City law firm Zuckerman Gore Brandeis & Crosman, acting on behalf of Hillsong, claimed that he ruled the church with a degree of manipulation.

His document reportedly states that his phone calls showed he was being cited for massages and sexual acts with masseurs – but it was unclear whether he had sex with them.

It is said to show that he admitted to a five-month relationship with a New York City designer in which he had sex.

But while he was seeing her, he also became involved in another ‘inappropriate relationship’ with a woman he called Germany, whom he met in Brooklyn, the report reportedly said.

And in other parts of the document he has been accused of causing workers mental health problems, including depression and anxiety.

The claim comes nearly two years after Lentz was fired for cheating on his wife with a New York City designer.

He rose to fame by baptizing Justin Bieber in church and presiding over his marriage to model Hailey Baldwin, daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin.

Karl Lentz'S Wife (Pictured Together) Punched A Babysitter In The Face After He Caught Her Under A Blanket On The Couch, A Blatantly Leaked Report Revealed

Karl Lentz’s wife (pictured together) punched a babysitter in the face after he caught her under a blanket on the couch, a blatantly leaked report revealed

Lentz Is Pictured With Her Friend Popstar Justin Bieber, Whom She Baptized And Married

Lentz is pictured with her friend popstar Justin Bieber, whom she baptized and married

The Document Claims Laura 'Hit Leona Kims (Pictured) With A Clenched Fist Two Or Three Times' At The Home Of Former Nba Player Tyson Chandler In 2016

The document claims Laura ‘hit Leona Kims (pictured) with a clenched fist two or three times’ at the home of former NBA player Tyson Chandler in 2016

Hillsong scams ranging from child sexual abuse to misappropriation of funds

November 2020: Karl Lentz admits to cheating on his wife of 17 years with Brooklyn designer he met during pandemic

December 2020: Former member Yolandi Bosch publicly claims that the church is a cult that controls members

2021: Creative director Darrell Barnett fired for sending shirtless selfie

January 2021: Reed Bogard and wife fired for misappropriating funds

August 2021: Church head Brian Houston accused of concealing his father’s alleged sex crimes against minors

March 24, 2022: Houston stepped down because it was claimed he was unfit for two women

March 25: Woman’s rape claim against Bogard made public

But the new report reportedly exposes the disgraced pastor’s fall from grace, including scandalous details about his personal and professional life.

The document, seen by Christian Post, describes how Laura saw her husband on the couch with the Kims at Chandler’s home in 2016.

It is believed that he saw that he was on the floor next to the chair and was ‘touching hands and rubbing feet’.

Laura reportedly punched Kims in the face two or three times before the pair tried to explain to her that she didn’t see anything.

Investigators said: ‘One night all the adults were drinking and Leona was first introduced to marijuana.

‘Later that night, Leona said she practically fainted on the couch while Carl massaged her feet. Laura then went into the room and grabbed them.’

Lenz was also accused of allegedly being a ‘liar, masseuse, adulterer’.

It reportedly said he received “repeated massages”, but said it would not give details about them or say whether they were sexual in nature.

But the report is believed to have said his wife suspected they might have been and that messages on her phone quoted him for the cost of massages and other sex acts.

Meanwhile, further allegations surfaced of his five-month affair with New York City-based designer Ranin Karim.

The report reportedly said that he would work in a ‘bicycle’ where he would go to her house to try to kick things off before ‘engaging in sex’.

Investigators said that continued efforts would ‘only make him love her more’.

Another woman he had eloped with, reportedly referred to as Germany in his phone, met him at the Brooklyn Daily in 2020.

He met her twice and admitted that their relationship was sexual but did not involve full intercourse, it claims.

Jewelry Designer Ranin Karim, 35, Claims She Had A Five-Month Affair With Married Former Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Before Being Fired In 2020.

Jewelry designer Ranin Karim, 35, claims she had a five-month affair with married former Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz before being fired in 2020.

She Appears In Season Five Of The Mtv Series 'X On The Beach', Where She States That She Doesn'T Want To Be Called 'Mistress' But 'Mystery Woman'.

She appears in season five of the MTV series ‘X on the Beach’, where she states that she doesn’t want to be called ‘Mistress’ but ‘Mystery Woman’.

In addition to the sexual allegations, Lentz was also accused of allegedly playing with the mental health of workers.

A leader of the ministry is believed to have said that his time at work had left him feeling depressed and tormented by anxiety.

She claimed that her boss would ‘cut her down, bully her and complain about driving or the route she was taking’ as well as expected to be free 24 hours a day.

But Lentz counterattacked, claiming that he only yelled at her once when they nearly crashed in Manhattan.

He claimed that the drivers had to be available 24/7, adding that they were not kicked out of the club late at night.

The pastor, who co-founded the New York City branch of the Australian Church in 2010, claimed he resigned from Hillsong in 2020.

Lentz Was And Is Still Married To His Wife Laura, With Whom He Shares Three Children.

Lentz was and is still married to his wife Laura, with whom he shares three children.

But a few days later, the church announced that he had been fired by the organization’s leader, Brian Houston, who accused the pastor of ‘moral failures’.

Lentz, who rose to fame after baptizing his close friend Justin Bieber in 2014, later publicly admitted that he cheated on his wife.

Hillsong hit headlines earlier this month when Dallas Pastor Reed Bogard was accused of raping a female employee with whom he had an affair in 2013.

He was kicked out of the church last year along with his wife amid claims that they were misusing church donations for their lavish lifestyle.

But this year it was revealed that he was having an affair with a junior female employee between October 2013 and 2014.

The woman was not publicly named because she claimed in October 2020 – six years after the affair ended – that Bogard first raped her in 2013 on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

She first made the allegation in talks with Hillsong leaders and an investigation was launched as a result. The details have never been made public until now.

The Christian Post obtained a copy of the investigation report in which lawyers said it was still a possibility that Bogard could face criminal charges.

It is not clear whether the allegation has ever been reported to the police. New York’s statute of limitations for reporting rape cases can take up to 20 years.

There is no statute of limitations for first-degree rape cases. Church leaders were aware of this connection and had for years, but they thought it was always consensual.

The case happened in 2013 and went on till the following year. Hillsong Church Australia came to know about this in 2014.

It is not clear what prompted the woman to claim six years later that Bogard had raped her.

He was kicked out of his role at the celebrity-favorite church in January 2021, with claims that he and his wife had misappropriated funds to satisfy their own aristocratic tastes.

Bogard’s departure from the church is the latest in a string of scandals plaguing the organization.

Hillsong Dallas Pastor Reed Bogard Was Accused In 2013 Of Raping A Younger, Female Employee With Whom He Had An Affair, It Has Been Revealed.

Hillsong Dallas pastor Reed Bogard was accused in 2013 of raping a younger, female employee with whom he had an affair, it has been revealed.

Bogard With His Wife Jess.  The Pair Resigned Last Year Amid Claims Of Misappropriation Of Funds From The Church.

Bogard with his wife Jess. The pair resigned last year amid claims of misappropriation of funds from the church.

Hillsong began in Australia in 1983, but has since become an international mega-church, with a cult-like figure.

Justin and Hailey Bieber are the church’s most famous followers but the Kardashians are as tied to it as Selena Gomez and others.

Its selling point is its army of young, glamorous and trendy pastors who deliver concert-like sermons and appeal to Instagram-savvy, young worshipers.

But over the years, the so-called disciples of the Church have revealed themselves to be somewhat morally compromised.

In 2020, star Pastor Lentz was exposed for cheating on his wife with a Brooklyn-based jewelry designer.

He was fired by Houston and retreated from the limelight, which he enjoyed with his celebrity. Bogard was fired in January 2021.

Brian and his wife said at the time, ‘It is very disappointing to learn that, while some of you have experienced Bogard as a dedicated pastor, many others have experienced leadership that is consistent with the commitments and standards of Hillsong Church. failed to complete.

Other former church members have compared it to a cult and detailed incidents of sexual assault.

Houston is now facing claims that her father, who founded the church, covered up sexual abuse during his tenure.

He resigned on 24 March, also claiming that he was unfair to employees, particularly two women.

He has been criminally charged in Australia for the allegation that he turned a blind eye to his father’s abuse – which he vehemently denies.

Another church member, Darnell Barrett, was fired in 2021 for sending a shirtless photo to someone else in the congregation.

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