Karla Panini appreciates being the protagonist of memes about the betrayal of Karla Luna

Karla Panini appreciates being the protagonist of memes about the betrayal of Karla Luna

Mexico’s most hated woman Karla Panini is once again in the eye of the hurricane, now for her apparent “cynicism” and pride at having stolen her best friend’s husband, Karla Luna, reiterated this in a podcast.

During an interview with the influencer Gusgri, to which Karla Panini was invited, she could not help but mention the hatred that the comedian experiences every day, due to the affair of her former friend Karla Luna and her husband Américo Garza, although far from too Ashamed, Panini admitted that she loves to be hated.

“There are a lot of memes of mine on the internet and a lot of people think that bothers me, they go and post ‘Look damn’ and well I love it,” Panini commented.

Likewise, the former laundress noted that she likes to be one of the most hated women and doesn’t care about the infinity of taunts and memes against her, adding that that’s how she stays in the middle of power.

“I love it because you’re still in power and every topic that you already know happens: ‘We hate, I don’t know who, but wait a little Karla Panini, we’re still with you now’, that is , me.” I love that it happens. At this point in my life, it’s not bad for me anymore. Imagine the elephant I have at the age I am, the fang I have out of hate, it’s hard for something to knock you down.he stressed.

Will you return to “Las Lavanderas”?

During the same conversation, Karla broke the silence on the idea of ​​returning to the project that once brought her national fame, assuring that despite her gratitude for it and fond memories of it, including Karla Luna, she would not give life to the laundress.

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“We were doing very well in Las Lavanderas, we had a very good income and there was also a lot of success, the people accepted it very well and it was great times. It was a wonderful time. A lot of people think I’m remembering it wrong or that I don’t want to remember it. No, it’s a fathering phase of my life and I don’t regret living it, but it was.” commented.


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