“Karnaval” was a big winner of Sur Awards. won in eight categories

beginning of John Paul Felix, CARNIVALReceived eight awards and fulfilled the predictions that prevailed on the night of south awardWhich was given by the Argentine Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences on an evening in which harangs were mixed with a musical tribute to Leonardo Favio, and Unison demanded that the nation’s senate approve legislation that expanded “acts specific to cultural production”. does. -which expires at the end of the year- and which already has the approval of the Chamber of Deputies.

From Monday Night’s Ceremony in Brand New Politema Theater On Paraná Street, in the city of Buenos Aires, attended by the Minister of Culture, Tristan Bauerwho presented the award best directorawarded to Paul Felix,


Juliet Zylberg, Honored Graciela Borges, Felix Himself and an Outstanding Leonardo Sabraglia, Winner for His Role in Best Leading Actor wandering heartwere champions of the claim of immediate sanction of law which guarantees Continuity of allocation for the cultural industry,

It is the rule that establishes the continuation of 50 years of this support for the promotion and development of theatre, music, dance, cinema, television, audiovisual, libraries and community media, for which thousands of jobs depend. Last June, the initiative received the approval of the Chamber of Deputies and shortly thereafter, in July, received a favorable opinion from a commission in the Senate, with which it is a question of A project in the conditions to be treated in the enclosure,

The theme, central in the world of culture, was the axis of the speech of the President of the Academy, the Creator. Hernan FindlingAnd the concern expressed in the crowded cocktail in the entrance hall of the venue, and which was also raised by Acting Vice President of the Presidency of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCA), Nicolas Battelle.


Although it was not so straightforward, Martin Bossi, the host of the event who knew how to save some laughter from the harsh and serious representatives of the national film industry, also pointed to the fact that cinema is part of a country’s identity and cultural heritage, an exhibition that gained voltage here. Air claims of the people of The path Bossy chose was to compare Premios Sur to Hollywood’s iconic counterparts, the Oscars. The comedian also asked George Marraley to give a smack for getting up and raising the ratings in the broadcast, which will be aired Tuesday night by Public TV.

The iconic director Leonardo Favio was the focus of tribute for the tenth anniversary of his death, with actors and actresses sung in several of his songs: Zilberberg with Max Urtizberia; Charo Bogarin with Juan Palomino and Mike Amigorena with Muriel Santana were composed to music by Lito Vitale and his band. Favio’s son Nico Juri made a difference with his powerful version of “Ella”. Everyone remembered the director with his music and films John Moreira You cat, monkey And he highlighted that, for symbols of national culture to exist, laws awaiting approval in the Upper House in support of cultural industries are necessary.


Good humor and dialogue were in order for a gala that featured flashy moments emotion and colorsuch as when Martin López for his leading role in Lackey, winner of the Male Revelation Award CARNIVALOn stage some of the boisterous troupe of malambo steps, or harangauses, with subaraglia at the head. wandering heart,

With the pleasure of returning to attendance, but uncertain about the future of Seventh Art in Argentina, the Sur Awards also awarded “Best Series”. Empire (Mercedes Moran, went upstairs to receive the statue) and honored the creator of Cordoba paola suarezwho died last year, and trans actor Willie Lemos, who admitted that he was abused by his father when he was a child and announced that a film was called about him. thousand and one lemonsIt is in the post-production stage.


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