Karol G had a great night at the Azteca Stadium Grupo Milenio

Karol G had a great night at the Azteca Stadium Grupo Milenio

Karol G wins over the Mexican crowd at the Azteca Stadium, He achieved complete success with his tour ‘Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful’ On the first of three dates scheduled at the Tlalpan Forum, By making around 80 thousand spectators dance.

About 80 thousand voices started singing together in the rhythm of “TGQ” and “Besties” And show off your best and sexiest reggaeton movements, with the idea of ​​emulating the queen of the night.

The bug went off at exactly 9:30 pm; She wore a silver and white dress amid fireworks and thanked attendees for their support before starting the party.

“Long live Mexico, I have always said that you have to enjoy life in the best way possible, so we are going to spend the coldest night. Yes or no?” he said, then paused and continued.

“I know everyone who came tonight knows every song tomorrow will be better But I want to play a song that you love as much as I do and it’s in Mexico right now, if you know it and say it then prove it to me,” he said.

Immediately, screams of excitement echoed through the stadium. While the notes of the song he proposed began to resonate on the stage, he performed “The Boat”.

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The number of singers increased due to the girls, who mostly filled the Azteca Stadium. Because although the number of men was considerable, they reflected the success of the Colombians among Mexican women.

Fans continued chanting and dancing to Ariel Ojeda’s songs.

This action was seen long ago around the Colossus of Santa Ursula Dozens, hundreds of girls, teens and mature women were going on dates with Bugs.

Most with some details in their Dress proof of this The passion that the South American singer has aroused in Mexican women.

T-shirts, miniskirts, low-cut and shiny blouses, or even shiny nails, were enough to wear the uniform and be part of the party with the Colombians, Who fulfilled the wishes of his guests as soon as he came on stage.

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Moving on to the next topic, The people shouted in unison: “Bichota, bichota”, an action which impressed Karol Ji.so from now on He wasted energy in his singing and his hot dances, which included his dancers along with him so that he could continue his contribution show,

And although the evening at the conclusion of this edition was already a great party, When the host changed her outfit to the colors of the tricolor, there was an outpouring of emotions among her fans and Karol ji’s happiness was visible on her face.



First Night It was a wonderful party which was reflected in the sale of souvenirs; The vendors welcomed idol worship.

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singer Through a post, he was surprised and appreciated the uniqueness of the merchandise sold for him show,


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