Katyna Huberman’s heartfelt reflection on bulimia


The actress gave a vivid account of bulimia, an eating disorder that she suffered in her youth as a result of the psychological violence perpetrated against her by an ex-partner.

The Chilean actress Katyna Huberman talked about eating disorders bulimia that as a teenager he suffered from his recent participation in >La Cabaña. The National Artist was asked about this by her friend Claudio Arredondo, a dilemma in which she could not hide her tears.

Together with Claudio Castellón and Fernanda Finsterbusch, the actor quartet met in the mega documentary show in which the group of friends spend a weekend in a hut far from the city.

In the “Campfire” segment of the conversation show, Arredondo asked him: “You suffered an illness from which you emerged. How did you get out of it, how did you deal with it? A little to help the goats who are now younger and don’t know how to get out of bulimia“.

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“I wouldn’t know how to give them advice, just tell them that they have to hold on to something that makes them love each other, that there is always a light, that’s clear, but there is a long one Time when you do that I don’t see anything”he began to say in a broken voice.

He added: “You don’t see us and that’s where you sink. You have to understand that you are alone, we are part of a whole, but you are alone.”he managed to say before bursting into tears. Afterward, Arredondo tried to comfort her with a hug as his teammates looked on.

“It makes me sad because I think of everyone going through the same thing,” he explained. “There is a space where only one who does not depend on anyone needs to learn to love himself. Not from your family, who often don’t support you, and certainly not from your partner.”he added.

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Katyna Huberman added: “I created my reality thinking that I was never enough and that I didn’t deserve certain things. The topic of food concerns you for years, there are people (for whom) it lasts a lifetime, you live your life and think about food, what you have eaten, what you have not eaten“.

Regarding her healing process, the actress explained that it started with meditation: “And for me I don’t know when I started getting rid of it, after 10 years free eating started like a deep inner path.I meditated a lot, I started doing yoga, I started to realize my true virtues (…) and only then did I start to heal.”

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The actress is currently not on television and lives in Brazil with her partner, with whom she moved in 2019. At the same time, she is dedicated to selling her own fabrics through her social networks.