Keanu Reeves’ house was attacked with weapons

Keanu Reeves' house was attacked with weapons

The episode seems to be taken from one of the films that the Canadian actor usually stars in, but it lacks fiction and is full of reality. A group of individuals wearing balaclavas entered the house of Keanu Reeves, taking advantage of the fact that the interpreter John Wick was not in his house, to carry out a robbery with part of a collection of firearms as the main theft.

The story broke on Wednesday and was reported by TMZ. It all started with an anonymous call to the Los Angeles police: it was seven in the afternoon, and it was suspected that an intruder had broken into Reeves’ property. Authorities went there and searched the area. There was no one, nor was there any suspicion that anything was going to happen. It seems. And they left. A few hours later, at one in the morning, the house alarm rang loudly. There is someone inside.

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Confused, the agents checked security cameras until they found audiovisual footage of the scene. Several hooded men approached a window, broke it, and entered with everyone inside. When the police arrived at the place, it was late at night. The attackers are gone. They had no choice but to clench their fists. And since then, the work is complete: all the cameras in the house and neighborhood are at the disposal of the authorities, who have not stopped their efforts to search for more clues.

They did not leave empty-handed. Although it has not yet been confirmed what exactly was stolen from Reeves’ house, it is possible that the authorities will identify that he had weapons during the escape. It is known that the legendary actor has a collection of weapons on the property where the thieves entered, leading to the first reports that show that, in fact, the pistols were brought by unknown people outside that they could take to the aforementioned weapons gallery.

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That anonymous call and the introduction to 2014

All theories are now the purpose of the study. Another one that gained strength refers to the first, anonymous call as part of the ‘coup’: the police of the city of California did not rule out that it was an attempt prepared by thieves to calculate the response time of the authority. If so, the time escape will prove that the accounts are correct.

It’s raining at Reeves’ house. It was in 2014 that he saw how his house was attacked twice by other intruders. He even got a temporary restraining order against an alleged stalker who made his stay in that place impossible. The last event is etched in the fire with the image of the assassins running through the air, with their heels rubbing their backs, and carrying their weapons in their silent stampede. It’s not every day that John Wick’s house gets robbed.

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