Keanu Reeves was forced to star in this bad movie because a friend forged his signature

Keanu Reeves was forced to star in this bad movie because a friend forged his signature

Keanu Reeves He is one of the most popular actors at the moment thanks to the John Wick saga, not forgetting other previous productions that are also in the hearts of fans, such as ‘The Matrix’, ‘Constantine’ or ‘Dracula’. To reach this point, It also goes through a selection of bad films, Now it’s time to discuss one of them.

In 2000, Reeves received the leading role in ‘The Watcher’, a film with Marisa Tomei in the cast, while Joe Charbanic directed. We are dealing with a suspenseful story where an FBI agent comes out of retirement to catch a killer.

Critics panned the film and at that time Reeves did not want to appear in the promotion. In an interview he confessed that he never found the project interesting, but a friend decided to forge his signature on the contract and, with no evidence to prove that he did not do it, he had no choice but to to move:

“The situation doesn’t seem interesting to me, but one of the friends forged my signature on the contract. “I can’t prove he did it and I don’t want to be sued, so I have to make the movie.”

In the end the bad feelings of the actor turned out to be true. The movie wasn’t just bad, it made $47 million at the box office. Considering that its estimated budget was 30 million, it was considered a failure and one of the worst productions in which he participated.

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Years passed and in an interview with IndieWireJohn Wick’s interpreter reiterates his rejection of the film:

“This is a disaster. I hate that movie. It’s terrible. It’s a disaster”.

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