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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Kerala: Five people arrested on leopard killing and seized, skins, teeth and claws

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In Idukki district of Kerala (Kerala), a case of leopard meat eating has come to light. In this case, five accused have been arrested (Arrest). Five villagers in Idukki district have been accused of killing a leopard and eating its meat. police gave this information. Forest officials said that five people living in Mankulam have been arrested on Friday for eating leopard meat.

Forest Officer VB Udayasuryan of Mankulam Range told the agency PTI that leopard skins, teeth and claws have been recovered from those arrested. This incident is being reported on Wednesday. According to the news, the accused had caught a leopard of about 6-7 years by laying a trap. These leopards would often enter their farm and harm animals.

Five people accused of killing leopard

Angry people killed the leopard and ate its flesh. A case has been filed against the accused under various sections of the Wildlife Protection Act. The five people of Idukki district are accused of killing the leopard. It is being told that these people were very upset due to entering the leopard form. On Wednesday, these people caught the leopard child and killed it and cooked its flesh and ate it. The five accused have been arrested after the incident came to light.

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