Killers of the Flower Moon: Lead actress calls Scorsese’s film “a great American tragedy”

Killers of the Flower Moon: Lead actress calls Scorsese's film

Martin Scorsese is such an established director in Hollywood that his work always raises high expectations among critics and audiences. Killer of the Flower Moon – 100% is no exception and in fact, some believe it may be his greatest masterpiece, or at least one of the most important titles of his career. Taking on one of the most heinous crimes in American history, the audience’s focus is very specific and personal, and that’s why Lily Gladstone, the film’s protagonist, doesn’t want the plot to be listed like an ordinary western.

Years ago, Westerns were some of Hollywood’s most important films as the public flocked to theaters every now and then to see them, even though critics weren’t too kind, deeming them superficial and repetitive. However, over the years, the genre has found a new place in the history of the industry, thanks to the great legends that were part of these creations and also how much they inspired other creators who eventually adapted the genre into other genres. implemented.

Despite this rediscovery, at the end of the day, this genre basically tells us about the Old West and the confrontation between white men and Native Americans, which is a very basic way of understanding the real history of that country. It is true that the neo-western has applied various nuances, especially in order to do justice to the appearance of the native tribes, who were not at all the brutal killers portrayed in cinema and television of those years. When Martin Scorsese announced the development of assassins of the flower moon The project was immediately classified as a Western due to the origin of the story.

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assassins of the flower moon Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, and Jesse Plemons, it will depict the tragic story of the crimes of the Osage Nation in the twenties. After being displaced by whites, Native Nations found oil in their new territories, and although this opened the door to some wealth for the people, a baron had other sinister plans to steal what was rightfully theirs. What followed was a series of murders that shook the nation and marked one of the darkest chapters of his legacy.

When Scorsese began working on an adaptation of the original book, it was called Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBIIn 1997, he worked on the script from his own vantage point, but was soon told that it was necessary to give more visibility to the lives and suffering of Native Americans rather than simply exploiting the horrific event. When Lily Gladstone Joining the film to bring Mollie Burkhart to life, the interpreter drew on direct experience, knowledge and research at her roots to inspire the director to look beyond the events and truly see the victims of the crime.

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in interview with Empire actress assures that calling assassins of the flower moon The western aims to diminish the impact of the story and contribute to the dehumanization of Native Americans:

A lot of people really want to call this a ‘Martin Scorsese Western’, (but it’s really) ‘A Great American Tragedy’. Along with the natives and the Westerners, we have become so dehumanized that it is as if we are part of the landscape rather than the humans telling the story.

The actress also explained that she drew on many memories from her childhood to bring to life this woman who fell in love with a white man who eventually betrayed her trust:

Growing up on my reservation in Montana in the American West and Indian Territory, it was all too familiar for me to see this goofy, over-enthusiastic cowboy falling for a truly self-possessed country woman. It’s such a familiar dynamic. And this was supported by many of the community stories that we heard.

assassins of the flower moon It received a great reception at the Cannes Film Festival, so its premiere in October is expected to confirm its chances of making it into awards season next year.

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