King appeals to stay in EU consolidation

King appeals to stay in EU consolidation

King Felipe VI urged to continue to strengthen The European Union The “turning point” it is passing through, making it clear that the war in Ukraine can never destroy culture, nor the freedom and dignity of man. In his speech with whom for the award ceremony Princess of Asturias Awards At the Campomore Theater in Oviedo, Don Felipe acknowledged that “unfavorable times such as the present provoke doubts and concerns about European production”.

But for precisely this reason, he said, “we cannot give up, we must persevere to strengthen the project that has united us so much and continues to unite us”. « A Project of Progress, Liberty, Equality, respect, human rights, democratic principleswhich deserves our loyalty and all our commitments at one of the most important moments in its recent history”, he emphasized. Don Felipe “emphasizes the importance that the EU has for Spain and “.

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«It was a desire in the past, an ambition, a historical aspiration, Today it is a fact that we live day by day. Today we are building Europe by building Spain, and we share the common fate of one united europe» said the emperor. So, he continued, “our participation in that shared future means much more than just a belief in an ideal.” “It means a fight of conviction and principles to forge a future of peace, justice, freedom and hope together,” he said.

The king mournedImmense and irreparable loss» who is bringing war in ukraine, which he described threatens “our present and our future”, as do wars in other parts of the world and “always represent a great failure for humanity”. “In this and like any war, everything that enriches us as human beings and which constitutes the heritage transmitted from generation to generation, is a victim”, Don Felipe insisted that “war libraries, Destroying schools, music, museums, science, art”.

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So that, “Culture is a victim of war, “But war will never destroy culture; nor the values ​​it represents; Nor is man’s freedom and dignity, and that is the essence of these rewards,” the king insisted, adding that they are precisely the values ​​that Europe also represents. In this sense, he recalled that the origins of the European Union lie in the “quest for lasting peace after the devastation caused by the two great world wars”. “The idea of ​​a united Europe to achieve and maintain peace on the continent is completely valid,” he said.

The king has also used his voice to send messages to his daughters. Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia, which he encourages, like the rest of the youth, to follow the example of the conquerors of the Princess of Asturias. “I encourage you look at them even more, at their actionsIn his efforts and aspirations, in his generosity and in his gratitude. In this way, they will help us to move forward as a society even more”, defended Felipe VI, assuring that “they ultimately represent, Values ​​and Properties who are more essential in this 21st century, “Dear Winners, you are an example of what can be achieved by working from that unit, for others and by cooperating and collaborating with others, for the common good. Many thanks to all of you for your example and commitment- Many thanks”, was the message from Don Felipe, who highlighted the achievements and careers of all the winners one by one.

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