King Carlos III suffered cancer after a one-year reign and a wait of seven decades to assume the crown. United Kingdom | Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II Prostate Profile | World

 King Carlos III suffered cancer after a one-year reign and a wait of seven decades to assume the crown.  United Kingdom |  Great Britain  Queen Elizabeth II  Prostate  Profile |  World

After seven decades under the tutelage of his great mother, King Charles III, who has been diagnosed with an unspecified type of cancer, is now facing the disease just a year and a half after assuming the British crown.

Charles III always watched Isabel II’s reign from the second row, waiting to demonstrate his potential as a monarch when his time came.

For this reason, the diagnosis known today represents a serious blow to the Emperor, whose reign had barely lasted and which he had conducted with firmness and restraint until now.

As proverbial as the Windsors’ longevity is (their parents reached the age of nearly a century), Charles’s 73 years when he ascends the throne on September 8, 2022, have led some to talk of a transitional reign, After which the crown would pass to his first-born William.

His popularity, which was always in question, also did not predict a place in the royal family, although according to polls so far his civic approval has remained at an acceptable level.

On January 26, after openly admitting his condition, he underwent surgery for benign prostate enlargement in order to raise awareness among citizens about control.

Now, he is facing a cancer diagnosis (unusual in the usually closed Buckingham Palace) with the same clarity that, despite everything, it turns out not to be just prostate.

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In the statement in which he revealed the illness, Buckingham highlighted that Carlos “has chosen to share his diagnosis to avoid speculation and in the hope that it will bring awareness to all the people in the world who are “Can help better understand those who are affected by cancer.”

Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, pose for photographers along the River Dee in Scotland during their post-honeymoon trip on August 19, 1981. (AFP).

A life marked by three women

The life of Charles Philip Arthur George of Windsor has been defined by three women: his mother Elizabeth, his former wife Diana of Wales and his wife, Queen Camilla.

If Elizabeth handed him a consolidated monarchy in the turbulent post-war period and the end of the empire, the failed marriage to the late Diana of Wales largely determined Charles’s public image in the United Kingdom and beyond.

In this file photo taken June 2, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II meets her son Prince Charles, heir to the British crown. (Daniel Leal/AFP).

Meanwhile, Camilla has been acknowledged as the great love of the monarch’s life, after having an operation to soften her figure, aside from the responsibility of ending the fairy tale relationship between Charles and Diana, with a visit to Buckingham Palace. Has not spared resources.

Born on November 14, 1948, Charles has gone down in history as the heir who waited the longest to become part of the United Kingdom and the former colonies that make up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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Britain’s King Charles III looks at Queen Camilla as he stands on the balcony of Buckingham Palace following his coronation on May 6, 2023.

He dedicated that long wait to his commitment to philanthropy, spirituality and the environment, although his separation from Diana in 1992 and his marriage to Camilla in 2005 always attracted the most headlines from the curious British press.

The photos of him walking with his sons William and Harry behind the coffin of Diana of Wales when she died in a traffic accident in Paris in 1997 are indelible. There could not be a greater contrast with what was broadcast on television 16 years earlier. around the world, when they were married at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, in one of the hottest weddings of the century.

Despite his character, which sometimes seems arrogant and obnoxious, the King has made efforts in recent years to get closer to citizens and thereby modernize an institution that has always distinguished itself by maintaining its distance.

Unlike his mother, if Charles stood for anything as Prince of Wales, it was his much more unabashed defense of environmental and humanitarian issues, in which he participates through more than 20 NGOs and foundations. Let’s take.

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As sovereign he has been more discreet, although there have been no shortage of leaks from those around him that reflect his displeasure with the immigration and environmental policies of the current British Conservative government.

Photograph dated 19 June 1969, showing Crown Prince Charles sitting at his desk in Cambridge during his studies. 

Childhood of study and shyness

Charles III’s childhood was spent in the palace with a strict father and distant mother, characterized by shyness and cold relationships.

At the age of nine he became the first heir to the throne to go to school, instead receiving an education by private tutors in Buckingham, and spent a traumatic time at the Scottish boarding school of Gordonstoun, where, according to some biographers, he suffered bullying. Fell. .of his classmates.

With student stays in Melbourne (Australia) or Wales, Carlos entered the University of Cambridge to study archeology and anthropology, after which he began training as a pilot in the Royal Air Force (RAF) and in the Royal Navy. Also worked.

Formally invested as Prince of Wales on July 1, 1969, his big day came nine months earlier, on May 6, 2023, when he was officially crowned at Westminster Abbey in a lavish ceremony broadcast around the world. Went.


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