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Sunday, February 28, 2021

‘Kisan Union leaders were present at the Red Fort, whose faces were covered’: Deep Sidhu made several revelations in the new video

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The Delhi Police has announced a reward for those giving information about the main accused in the Republic Day riots, including actor-turned-activist Khalistani supporter Deep Sidhu. On the other hand, Sidhu on his Facebook page Sensational charge Has released another video. Sidhu alleged that the farmers union leaders were present in the Red Fort, which is contrary to the claims made by those leaders.

He said that he has video evidence of leaders who were present in the Red Fort and their faces were covered. Sidhu further alleged that those leaders did not try to control the situation, after which he had to step down. He claimed that things would have gone out of hand if he did not control the agitated protesters, but now everyone is making them a scapegoat, saying that he encouraged the people to move towards the Red Fort.

In the first two videos released by her on February 2, Deep Sidhu spoke in English. He said that he had participated in the protests in September and was approached by all political parties, including the Congress, AAP and BJP at the time, but denied any affiliation.

Deep Sidhu said that the Congress had uploaded his video which went viral in November, but was later removed due to an attack on him after his interview with Barkha Dutt. Sidhu indirectly tried to justify his inclination towards Khalistanis by saying that in a democratic country people should listen to both sides.

‘I was made a scapegoat, and now I am running away from the police’

Deep Sidhu said that although he had controlled the situation in Red Fort and was the only known face at the time of the incident, he was made a scapegoat by all including union leaders, opposition parties and the government. He further alleged that there was no evidence that he incited anyone to march towards the Red Fort.

Sidhu claimed that he had evidence to show that he had joined the march at 9 am, not earlier than this, as everyone is speaking. By the time he started, people had reached the Red Fort. Sidhu said that despite being a lawyer and practicing in the Supreme Court, he had to run away from the police due to cases filed against him along with well-known lawyers like Mukul Rohatgi and Harish Salve.

In the second video, Sidhu claimed that union leaders were using his ‘IT cell’ to show his wrong image. He said that whenever he wants to present his point of view, the IT cell becomes active and his words are suppressed. He said that he is staying close to the protest site in Haryana and can reach there anytime. He challenged the peasant leaders to discuss with them how they were misrepresenting the movement.

There is a part of the video where he tried to compare himself with Lord Hanuman with a fire on his tail, but that part of the video was edited, and only contains a reference to the burning tail and the name ‘Hanu’ After which the video was trimmed.

‘No violence’

Deep Sidhu tried to smuggle in the violence on Republic Day. He claimed that when he was heading towards the Red Fort, there was no violence on the road. He alleged that what the media is showing in the name of violence are only minor incidents. He completely denied any attack on police personnel, injuring hundreds of policemen. They were attacked by rioters with swords, batons and tractors.

‘I am disappointed with you, Ravish Kumar’

Taking the name of NDTV, particularly journalist Ravish Kumar, Sidhu said that he thought Ravish was a sensible journalist, but the way he introduced him to his show was disappointing. He just said that because Ravish wanted to use his name in his prime time show, he did not try to talk to Sidhu and know his side of the story. He also claimed that he stopped interviewing the media after the interview with Barkha Dutt, as he was shown there incorrectly.

‘I can prove who provoked’

In the second video released on 3 February, Sidhu claimed that he had evidence of who instigated the protesters. He said that he would soon publish all his videos, including videos recorded on January 26 at 4 am. He claimed that he only talked of supporting each other, and the leaders of the organization were provoking. He further said that people, regardless of how far they are from Delhi, participate in the protests from villages and cities.

‘There is nothing wrong with the mark Sir on the Red Fort’

Sidhu claimed that the Red Fort belongs to everyone in the country, and there is no harm in hoisting the mark on the empty pole. However, Sidhu did not mention in his video that the empty pole is a reserve for hoisting the national flag every 15 August. Sidhu also failed to acknowledge how the national flag was hoisted by the person at the top of the pole to hoist the religious flag. He further fails to acknowledge that two flags bearing the Sikh holy symbol, one triangular and the other a rectangular flag were hoisted on the dome of the Red Fort.

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