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Klay Thompson’s Desert Tour

Klay Thompson Heads To The Locker Room Tunnel On June 13, 2019, It was the sixth game of the final and the Warriors, down 3-2, wanted to stay alive, extend the tie, keep alive the spark of hope for the fourth ring they have today, but which they did not achieve then. did. Klay faced the basket in the final stages of the third quarter in transition, in which he received the ball from Stephen Curry, and received a hard shot from Danny Green, who tried to block but destabilized the shooting guard in the air. . He fell badly on his left knee. Crusader broke. One of the worst injuries in basketball and sports, Green quickly apologized for a move that was neither prompt nor ill-conceived, but a move that had disastrous consequences. Starr still returned from the tunnel, accompanied by the entire crew and to thunderous applause, to shoot two free throws and reach 30 points. After that, De Marcus Cousins ​​committed a quick foul so that his partner, this time for sure, say goodbye to finals and seasons, A sour ending that ended with the Raptors as champions in the Warriors’ last game at the Old Oracle.

Klay’s torment was even greater when, a year later and before the start of the season, he ruptured his Achilles tendon. Once again, a terrifying odyssey, an endless spectacle that forced him to stand still for another year, Two worst injuries to a basketball player, in a span of 11 months. And the forever-touted return, which happened in the best possible way, surrounded by his people at the Chase Center, where he took a long time to debut and was accompanied by Stephen Curry and Draymond Green (who came to honor his friend Jumped alone and went) bench later with physical problems) in the starting five. Everyone was waiting for him and Kel returned, won a new ring, the fourth of the last great NBA dynasty., also in your personal account; The promised title, the Warriors return to the top. but…

It is clear that Cale is not the same and that is to be expected after all that he has suffered. And for the tremendous effort he put in for him and his team last year, everything is forgivable., But his physical decline is clear and undeniable and the player is suffering a lot this new season: his defensive lateral moves, which historically made him a good outside defender, have disappeared. Its speed in transition or even its penetration ability. And two years unemployed, who rustles anyone up, is also noticeable in his field goal percentage, much weaker than the player’s glorious past. and that they suffer greatly in their most lethal weapon treble and it has been reduced to 38.3%, the worst figure of his career and a symptom of some Warriors, aimlessly and in which only Stephen Curry has maintained an exceptional level in contrast to the rest of the squad. MVP numbers, but with playoffs Still as an away goal (20-20, 7th in the West). at least for now.

ability to difficulty

Klay never dropped below 40% on triples until last year, when he hit a reliable 38.5% in his comebacks, while also making games that were reminiscent of the player he was in Warriors glory: 33 points against the Lakers (5 of 9 on 3-pointers), 38 against the Bucks (8 of 14, with 6 rebounds and 5 assists) or 37 against the Hawks (9 of 16 on 3-pointers), Kel averaged over the last three matches. regular season, 36.7 points and made 21 triples on a combined 41 attempts. He reached 32 points (8 of 16 on triples) in the fifth and last game against the Mavericks; And he managed to average 17 points per night in the titanic Finals, in which he displayed a colossal defensive effort, though not quite as in the past, that helped the Warriors back themselves. Draymond Green’s effort, combined with his own, once again provided Steve Kerr’s side with a competitive defence., And Stephen Curry, who defended better than Marcus Smart and attacked better than anyone, was crowned with the only prize: Finals MVP.

But things got complicated early on in this course. Despite the Warriors starting 6-9 and 0-8, Klay could not, Physically, he is far from his best, he can’t beat his defenders and he averages up to 10.4 three-point attempts per game, an abomination for scoring only 38%, driven by his fear and by and large body from colliding with in that way. The guard averaged 14.7 points per game in that first streak, his lowest figure since his sophomore year. cheaterAnd he’s had really bad nights in pitching: 2-for-7 against the Kings, 0-for-5 in the Warriors’ disastrous night in Phoenix, 1-for-7 against the Hornets, 3-for-10 again against the Kings. Or facing the 2-for-7 Cavaliers. Klay Is Improving, Yes, Until He Scored 54 Points Against The Hawks With The Help Of Two Overtimes,

warriors lost

It’s hard to analyze the mess the Warriors find themselves in. Curry has MVP numbers (30 points, 6.6 rebounds and 6.8 assists), but he is very lonely in the sky: 18.8 for Andrew Wiggins and 20.6 for Jordan Poole with great point guards, but things don’t work out and the team’s level drops worryingly away from home. The Warriors have become the second best team in the Western Conference, while having the fourth worst defense in the entire NBA. Your motion (speed of play), highest in the entire NBA, But this does not translate into a victory due to the obvious defensive gaps that at the moment leave Shameless, a fact that also appears in rating Defensively, tied for the worst 2019-20 in franchise history, without one of those two years playoffs That they are the only stain on the resume of a storied dynasty.

Steve Kerr has a job. Andre Iguodala hasn’t debuted yet, Stephen Curry is 34, and Klay is 32, in addition to dragging down two very serious injuries. Similar to Draymond Green, who has had a slow start like a season ago: 7.8 points, 6.8 rebounds and 6.7 assists, still without his usual defensive power and without transferring his acceptable statistics to his team’s games. Kevon Looney was key in the end playoffsBut this is not such a reliable support regular season, And Poole is a targeted offensive talent, but he leaves a lot behind., Too many loose ends and, once again, a very serious problem in a defense that has lost Gary Payton II and Otto Porter Jr. 4 seasons, an outrage) and Jonathan Kuminga (20 years old) or rely on a James Wiseman who is back but doesn’t come together after a blank year and a problem in the form of a labyrinth It doesn’t help the franchisee at all.

With some movement, another unit’s response or a new enemy on defense, the warriors will wake up. In all this pairing they have also lost Mike Brown (who is doing a fine job with the Kings) as an assistant., a man who had a great relationship with the players and had a lot of weight in the defensive aspect of the team. But the Warriors have weighed themselves down on that side of the track, have always been underrated, and have few resources in an attack beyond Curry’s performance that tries to do everything but without luck. Neither is it normal, nor is Drummond’s attack on Poole before the start of the season, nor is Klay reaffirming his legacy against Devin Booker and taking his first career tech. There are nerves, there is tension; insecurity. big problems Although there is room for improvement in a very competitive West and without a clear dominance, which fortunately gives a chance to recover. But time passes and champions have to react. because it is no longer sufficient to convert playoffs In a machine to kill rivals… First you have to get there. And kale, he knows, is the key. we will see.

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