Know easily the insurance that you have contracted or that is linked to you and you do not know


For the information of citizens generally and in the context of the fires affecting the central and southern regions of the country, the Financial Markets Commission (CMF) reported that it has a tool to know. Insurance Those who are contracted.

For the above reasons, CMF has an Insurance Consultation System (SICS) on its website, where people can consult online, in real-time, and for free, on insurance contracts made with various companies operating in the country.

By signing in with a unique code, both the insurance holder (insured or contracted party) and those who demonstrate a legitimate interest in accessing said information, in the event of the death or judicially declared incapacity of the holder, may consult it.

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The query can be given below:

Know Easily The Insurance That You Have Contracted Or That Is Linked To You And You Do Not Know

CMF explained that when the user asking the question is an insured or contracted insurer, you will receive a response automatically.

“In cases where the query is lodged by someone who invokes legitimate interest, the system will request the necessary documents to verify the said quality. Once this verification is done, the individual will receive an email with instructions to review the insurance of the consulted RUT,” he said.

On the other hand, CMF pointed out that, along with the need for information, it instructed insurance companies to adopt necessary measures to provide timely responses to citizens and policyholders.

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Thus, it required entities to “strengthen their service channels and take necessary measures so that affected policyholders would have instant management of claims settlement and payments.

Additionally, companies were required to report on sums insured (exposure) in areas affected by fire, the number of claims identified to date, and whether the fire had an impact on the operations of their offices and branches.


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