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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Know how dangerous IED blast is? America told – why terrorists are the first choice

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On Friday evening, a blast near the Israeli embassy on Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Road in the national capital Delhi blew the senses of security agencies. It was an IED blast with a low intensity. No one was killed but the glass of the vehicles standing nearby broke. The blast took place about 1.4 km from Vijay Chowk. At the time when the blast took place, the sitting retreat ceremony was going on and from President Ramnath Kovind to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other VVIPs were present there. Certainly, if this plot was successful, a very big event could have happened. Even before the help of IED blast, terrorists have carried out many attacks. Know today about this IED and how terrorists use it.

Why are IEDs used?

IED means improvised Explosive device. When the Indian Mujahideen was at its peak in India, this terrorist organization used to use it most in attacks.

The IED has been called Homemade on the website of the US Department of Homeland Security. According to Homeland Security, this device is used to destroy any object.

Homeland security is used by criminals, terrorists, suicide attacks and extremists. According to the agency, it can be fitted from a small pipe to a large device.

When was the first experiment

By easily fitting an IED into a vehicle, place or a packet, terrorists can do major damage. It is very easy to hide and that is why it is used more and more by terrorists.

The term IED was first used during the Iraq War in 2003. During the Iraq War, the US Army had succeeded in failing several IED attacks.

The IED consists of several components, including an initiator, switch, main charge, power source and a container. More fertilizers, gunpowder and hydrogen paraxide are used in IEDs.

Hundreds of people can die

In 2006, Homeland Security banned all types of liquids. Passengers could not carry any liquid with them in the aircraft because IEDs can be prepared by mixing with any liquid.

Experts consider the IED to be a very dangerous bomb. IED blast can kill between 5 people and 300 people within a few seconds. These bombs can be prepared in a very improvised way.

These include deadly, poisonous, firecrackers and fire chemicals. They are made in such a way that they burst only when you have a foot or a wheel on the vehicle.

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