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Know the damage to the skin from drinking alcohol

Alcohol, as you know, is not good for anyone. They are useless calories that, in addition to weight gain, have serious consequences: they cause heart disease, affect the proper functioning of the digestive system, promote mental illness and a long list of other health problems. And you don’t have to abuse alcohol or have an addiction, drinking regularly also has consequences. And in addition, if you are concerned about looking good, we found that drinking alcohol has many direct consequences on the skin. We spoke with Dr. Maria José Crispín, aesthetic and nutritional doctor at Clínica Menorca, so that he can explain to us in detail why this behavior affects the state of your skin. “Alcohol is a toxic substance that affects the liver and since the liver affects the whole body, including the skin, poor liver function could end with yellowing of the skin, but even this toxic effect does not only affect the liver, but also affects the cells of the body. with all layers of the skin, such as carcinogenic. Therefore, high and chronic consumption over time could develop a carcinogenic effect,” he warns. Alcohol can also cause a lot of damage to your skin, according to an expert from Clínica Menorca. These are the ten most visible problems.

  • Alcohol inflames the skin. The inflammation of the skin is, in the beginning, invisible, but the results are very visible. For the skin is made up mainly of oxidation. “Alcohol lowers immunity. So it could cause infections and inflammation.

  • It helps with redness. Without getting to those cases of people who have a real addiction to alcohol and who we see have reddened noses and cheeks, alcohol in lower doses can also promote reddening. “Alcohol has the power of a vasodilator, which can affect the growth in the capillaries and this manifests itself, especially in the face, with increased redness,” affirms Dr. Maria José Crispín, who adds that alcohol can exacerbate rosacea. rosacea becomes more easily infected. It is also described that the consumption of this toxin can favor the so-called flushing of the face, which is an involuntary and sudden flushing of the face.

  • Alcohol dries out the skin. It will certainly happen to you that after being tempted by thirst that makes you die, because the same thing happens to your skin. “Alcohol has a diuretic action, which facilitates dryness, which can manifest itself in a profound way from an early age. In addition, keratosis pilaris, which is very dry skin with small blisters due to blockage of the follicles, is aggravated by vitamin A deficiency associated with alcohol consumption.

  • A silent bow. That possibility may seem far-fetched now, but alcohol affects the skin’s youth in a very direct way and helps with wrinkles. “Alcohol reduces the intrahepatic stores of vitamin A and beta-carotene due to the increased activity of the enzymes that metabolize these substances. Vitamin A is essential for the renewal of skin, skin cells, which is why alcohol stops favoring the aging of the skin”, says the aesthetic doctor from Clínica Menorca.

  • Alcohol can favor hair. If plucking your eyebrows is bothersome to you, imagine that you grow hair from something like avoidable drinking alcohol. “The attraction of alcohol can cause hormonal changes, even sexual, and among the problems related to altered estrogen, hirsutism can appear in women.”

  • It can do without acne. Everything, says the doctor, is derived from the aforementioned mechanisms. If you drink a glass of wine a day, it does not increase acne, but when someone drinks a lot, an acneic person can have consequences, because vasodilation makes the redness of the pimples more visible. On the other hand, this acne would be more visible, but also, since alcohol reduces immunity, it helps skin infections and pustules are more easily infected by cutibacterium acnes”.

  • Alcohol helps with dark circles and bags. At night the skin gets a chance to regenerate if we let it go. “One of the consequences of drinking alcohol is that this behavior changes the sleep cycle and, at the same time, the cellular repair of the skin, resulting in dark circles.”

  • Without dulling the skin. This poison can give you a night of parties and jokes, but if it is repeated too often, it is going to give you more headaches and bad looks. “Lack of luminosity is often caused by liver damage created by alcohol, which makes the skin duller, more yellow.”

  • Alcohol makes psoriasis worse. If you have a skin disorder, you should avoid drinking alcohol. According to Mr. Crispin, “there is a direct relationship, and the possibility of triggering this disease and increasing the symptoms of psoriasis.” And this is probably due to the toxic effect of alcohol, which reduces inflammation of the skin and improves immunity.

  • Seborrheic dermatitis is fatal. Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic skin condition that causes it to appear red and scaly. “In fact, there is a negative association with alcohol, which makes it worse, perhaps due to the vasodilatation of this basic redness, immunity and vitamin A associated with reduced cell regeneration,” concludes the expert at the Menorca Clinic.

  • Maybe now you’re thinking about whether you should have that second drink or your first beer, because even if you only drink on the weekends, moderate consumption can have consequences, not only for your health, but also for your skin.

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