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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Know why and when there is a declaration of gallantry awards, the most part of the army has been respected

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Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday launched a website on the gallantry award given to the brave soldiers of the country. It will be informed about the bravery awards on the website, as well as all the information about the soldiers who have been honored with these awards after independence. According to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, 24 hours information can be obtained about the security forces and soldiers of the country through this portal. If you want to get any information about any award then gallantryawards.gov.in. Can click on it.

When did the tradition begin

Rajnath Singh wrote on Twitter that he is very happy to launch this new website of Bravery Awards. He appealed to the people to visit this website and share the feedback with the government. After independence, mainly three gallantry awards were introduced which were Paramvir Chakra, Mahavir Chakra and Veer Chakra. The Government of India started the tradition of awarding these awards on 26 January 1950. All three awards were effective from 15 August 1947. After this, the tradition of awarding three more gallantry awards Ashok Chakra Class I, Ashok Chakra Class II, Ashoka Chakra Class III started from 4 January 1952 on behalf of the government.

Changed name of Ashok Chakra

In 1967, these awards were renamed Ashoka Chakra, Kirti Chakra and Shaurya Chakra. These gallantry awards are announced twice a year, first on the occasion of Republic Day i.e. 26 January and then on Independence Day i.e. 15 August. These awards are given in this order, Paramvir Chakra, followed by Ashok Chakra, then Mahavir Chakra, followed by Kirti Chakra, then Vir Chakra and then Shaurya Chakra.

Total gallantry awards so far

Till date, a total of 4296 gallant soldiers have been honored with these awards. 21 times Paramveer Chakra, 222 Mahavir Chakra, 90 soldiers Ashok Chakra, 492 soldiers Kirti Chakra, 2140 soldiers Shaurya Chakra and 1331 soldiers have been honored with Veer Chakra. The largest number of gallantry awards have come from the Army. As part of the army, 2985 awards i.e. 60.48 percent of the awards were received. At the same time, the Indian Air Force has been awarded 134 times and the Navy 424 times with these awards.

The highest award in the war of Kargil

On the other hand, Paramilitry, ie paramilitary forces have been awarded 50 times, Border Road Organization (BRO) 242 times, State Police 63 times. 398 awards have been given to the common citizens of the country who have shown exceptional bravery in the event of a crisis. In 1999, when Kargil had a war with Pakistan, then at that time, the highest number of soldiers were awarded with 142 gallantry awards. Earlier in 1971, when there was a war with Pakistan, 112 soldiers who took part in it were honored with gallantry awards.

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