Kristen Stewart’s radical body transformation for the Met Gala 15 years after Twilight


Kristen Stewart stopped being the innocent Bella Swan of Twilight a long time ago, and this was recently demonstrated when the actress dazzled at the Met Gala with a new look, putting that teen girl behind forever. Abandoned who fell in love with a vampire.

twilight is a saga of films released in 2008, based on the books by Stephenie Meyer, which tells the story of Bella Swan, a teenager who moves to a new town to live with her father and there she meets the love of her life. , meets Edward Cullen. ,Robert Pattinson), only he doesn’t know that this same man is a vampire.

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In Twilight, fans watch young acting prodigy, Kristen Stewart as a troubled Bella Swan, who steals Edward’s heart and begins down a path toward her new life without knowing all the adventures and obstacles ahead. . Wait, let’s start at once to be a part of your favorite vampire’s family.

Twilight was not Kristen Stewart’s first film credit. In fact, the actress has been acting since she was nine years old, with her foremost credits going to the film panic Room In which he shared the screen with the Hollywood legend. jodie foster Who played the role of a divorced mother who along with her daughter has to face some dangerous thieves.

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It’s been 15 years since Stewart first played Bella Swan, and in the years since, the actress has had a variety of roles, though none as big as her twilight years. When she was cast in the role at just 17 years old, Kristen Stewart could not have imagined the fame and attention that playing Bella would bring.

Kristen Stewart outdoes Twilight’s Bella Swan with her androgynous Met Gala look

Although in 2021 he had the good fortune to embody the memory diana princess of wales Award winning film by director pablo laren, wig for which he received his first nomination oscar as Best Actress and where she showed a different and far more dramatic aspect of her talent as an interpreter.

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Throughout this time, actress Kristen Stewart has also gone through an incredible transformation that forever removed her from Twilight’s moody teen Bella Swan. This change was demonstrated in the 75th edition of met gala For which Stewart opted for an androgynous look in which she highlighted a totally masculine haircut and an eyebrow design that has already been dubbed the new trend for 2023.,


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