KTM is preparing new variants of its adventure model

KTM 890 Adventure 2023 34

Three new versions

New homologation documents in Australia reveal that KTM has at least three new variants of the Adventure model in the pipeline. If they turn out to be true, the Australian firm looks set to expand its range of trail bikes with new variants aimed at a wider audience.

KTM offers Complete Range of Trail Models, but the Austrian firm feels it could be even more, that there are still potential customers it could reach if it diversified its range a bit more and offered variants for different user profiles. And for that reason, it’s newly introduced in Australia. Homologation documents that recognize three possible new models.

What we are saying can be understood well by remembering that last year, with an eye on 2023, they once again introduced a new KTM 790 Adventure as a cheaper alternative to the KTM 890 Adventure, when We all thought that this was already a model would have been left to history. So with that vision, Now we see that it may bring three new variants This includes both its medium displacement and high displacement models.

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To start with, in that Australian approval document we see KTM 790 Adventure R, a model that KTM currently does not offer in its catalogue, as there is only the most basic KTM 790 Adventure with that displacement. from that “r” we can expect A motorcycle with more off-road perspective Just like its sister 890.

On the other hand, it is also mentioned in the said document that KTM 790 Adventure R Rally Which will go even further in its native style. In other words, as we see in the 890 with the KTM 890 Adventure R Rally, and as it was already present in the previous generation of the 790 in 2020, we may encounter a motorcycle with better suspension, but the same engine “Standard” 790.”.

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And finally, we come to the largest model. and is that this document contains a KTM 1290 Super Adventure “Dry” which will form the first level of entry into its range. In other words, it won’t be the KTM 1290 Super Adventure S or the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R, but a more basic and affordable model for those who don’t need it as much. We know that this model has already been approved in Europe in 2021, but although it hasn’t been implemented here yet, we can already imagine that if it were to be approved in Australia as well, so it would be because a little closer to reality, We do not know what changes will be included in this standard model compared to the S, but we are clear that it will not get its own sophisticated radar system.

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Could all this be true in Europe? Definitely. The specialty of KTM is that it is able to offer a wide variety, using one component or another, using one base or another, and here a lot of interested public with their weapons all these, and much more. Will be there to welcome.


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