Kurucchi calls EU “closed”

El fiscal de la FECI, Rafael Curruchiche, llamó "shutes" a la Unión Europea. (Foto: Soy502/Archivo)

The head of FECI talked about the sanctions issued against him by the European Union.

Rafael Curuciche, head of the Special Prosecutor’s Office against Impunity (FECI), and four others were sanctioned by the European Union in early February, finding that they had tried to undermine Guatemala’s democracy.

Faced with this sanction, the Prosecutor downplayed it and called the EU “closed”, as he assured that everything was an attack due to the investigation carried out against the Semilla movement.

“This is part of the double standards and hypocrisy of the EU. There is a huge conspiracy to undermine the work done by the public ministry. I do not have property in Europe, I have not traveled to Europe, so this is a sanction absurd. .Europe is falling apart and I think it would be better for them to concentrate on their internal problems and not get involved, as we say in good old Chapin, in closed spaces where they don’t care and They have no interest,” Kurucchi said.

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Similar to the Global Magnitsky Act implemented by the United States government, the European Union (EU) instituted a series of sanctions against the Attorney General, Consuelo Porras, and other Guatemalan actors whom it accuses of “undermining democracy and the authority of the State.” Puts. ,

As anticipated by that organization’s High Representative Josep Borrell during his visit to the country between 14 and 16 January, the Council of the European Union analyzed various complaints, including from parliamentarians from the region, and ultimately agreed to block its entry. of. Head of the Public Ministry (MP) and the following people in the field:

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– Angel Pineda, General Secretary MP
– Rafael Curuciche, head of the Special Prosecutor’s Office against Impunity (FECI)
-Leonor Morales, FECI Prosecutor
– Freddy Orellana, head of the Seventh Criminal Court and who ordered the suspension of the Movimiento Semilla party

According to a statement released by Borrell on Friday, February 2, in addition to not being able to travel to any of the countries that make up the EU, the above actors are also prohibited from doing business with people or entities there.

They will also not be able to access assets held in their names in the region, as they have been frozen “and EU citizens and companies are prohibited from providing them with funds.”

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