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La Jornada: Nothing negotiable regarding relinquishing sovereignty: AMLO

La Jornada: Nothing negotiable regarding relinquishing sovereignty: AMLO

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newspaper la jornada
Monday, July 25, 2022, p. 5

President Andres Manuel López Obrador endorsed that Patriotism is not spoken of, they are unbreakable principles, neither in oil nor in the power industry, nothing to do with giving up our sovereignty,

In a video recorded around the El Cajon Dam in Nayarit, where a hydroelectric power plant is located, the president reiterated that these types of plants were underutilized, giving preference to foreign companies, and That’s why it’s the so-called consultation of the government of the United States and Canada, and that’s why we’re not going to give because it’s a matter of principles, it has to do with sovereignty,

With a video broadcast of four and a half minutes on social networks, the President concluded his work tour of the institution.

In his message and with Nairita Dam in the background, he said that Even if it gives them courage, note that Mexican conservatives, not the government of Canada or the United States, do not lose their habit of surrendering, surrendering, kneeling before foreigners, as they did when they went to Santa Anna. to send them into exile, as they did in search of Maximiliano,

clean energy

The President speculates that conservatives Always, always act like traitors to the country, and even more so now they are very upset because they are no longer allowed to steal, In addition, he defended that the energy generated by hydroelectric plants is clean and renewable.

However, “when preference was given to foreign companies it was not treated that way. He invented what clean energy was needed was the hype, the sophistication of saying: ‘You have to produce clean energy, not dirty energy like the ones produced by Pemex and the Federal Electricity Commission.’ Yes, they were clean energy in speech, for dirty business, to steal from the people of Mexico. It’s over now.”

He also told that his government has protected such plants at the same time. do justice Community with the construction of roads to the mountains.

He regretted that the paved road led to the El Cajon Dam, so in the interior of the municipality of La Yesca, the community of the Sierra de Nayarit, on the border of the Sierra with Jalisco, Zacatecas or Durango, the indigenous community they were completely isolated. were isolated.

When he showed part of the 60-kilometre route built from the dam to Guadalupe Ocotán, he indicated that a university for the Huichol community was already running in this indigenous city.

Meanwhile, the President said in a message on Twitter that in Nairato We are about 100 in doctors and specialists. This will happen across the country. We thank the people and government of Cuba for their supportThe announcement was made on Saturday after the arrival of the first group of 60 Cuban experts to begin work at the unit today.