La Jornada – This afternoon the government delivers AMLO's package of initiatives to San Lazaro

La Jornada - This afternoon the government delivers AMLO's package of initiatives to San Lazaro

Mexico City. The package of constitutional reform initiatives will be delivered this afternoon by the Interior Ministry to the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies after being explained to them by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the National Palace.

The President of the Board of Directors, Marcela Guerra (PRI), will receive the proposal from the Head of the Interior at 7 pm, and parliamentary coordinators were called to attend.

According to forecasts of the Board of Directors, once received, the initiative will be published in the Parliamentary Gazette, although the process of sending it to the committees will take until the general session on Wednesday.

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After the official delivery of the package, Morena’s coordinator, Ignacio Mier, will hold a press conference to support the President’s proposals.

According to López Obrador, he has estimated in separate morning conferences that there will be at least 13 reform initiatives in the Constitution in the judicial branch, electoral matters, so that the National Guard continues with a military command, the disappearance of some autonomous organizations. , electric and passenger trains.

Also, the pension system was amended to guarantee that workers would receive a pension of one hundred percent of their final salary; of salary; One who wants to ensure that welfare programs are guaranteed in the fundamental text; The purpose of which is to stop the use of fentanyl and other chemical drugs; One that proposes that electronic cigarettes (vapers) not be sold, the other against animal abuse and against republican austerity.

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Only in the reform of the pension system has the opposition faction expressed its support, but conditional on explaining the origin of the funds to cover workers’ retirement, and that the resources are not derived from the extinction of autonomous organisations, as The President said.


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