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La Nacion / Ana de la Reguera continues to make fun of herself with her series

The second season of the series “Ana” is available now through Prime Video and its protagonist, Ana de la Reguera, spoke exclusively to you a few days before the premiere.

by: Luis Rioso

Her full name is Anabel Guardoqui de la Reguera, but she is better known as Ana de la Reguera and a Mexican film, theater and television actress. Although she already had a significant career in her home country, she wanted to go for more. She came to us in South America in 2006 as Hermana Encarnación in Nacho Libre. In the same year, he presented the MTV Awards with Molotov.

But it has been more than 15 years. Today, Ana de la Reguera is recognized for her pivotal roles in film and television including: Zack Snyder’s film Army of the Dead and The Forever Purge. He also appeared in David E. Kelly’s Prime Video original series Goliath, starred in The Big Lie for Audible with Jon Hamm and Leopard Skin for Peacock.

This year the first season of the self-created series: “Ana” was nominated for Best Television Series with a Script in Spanish for the GLAAD Media Awards, as well as at the New York Festival® TV and Film Awards in the category of Comedy was also nominated. Produ Award for Best Comedy Actress.

Anna received the Legacy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Hispanic Television for her work on the show at Broadcasting & Cable’s 19th Annual Hispanic Television Summit in 2021. And it doesn’t stop, because on July 22 the second season of the series of the same name premiered again. Via Prime Video.

Anna: Her Own Series

The series is a comedy that follows a fictional story based on the life of Ana de la Reguera, who tackles various challenges in her personal and professional life with humor.

Returning at the end of the first season, Anna learns that the contract she signed with her agent is not the lead role she had imagined. He spoke exclusively with VOS before the premiere, with their promotional poster in the background and in the middle of a day of interaction with the press.

In the second season, Anna will try to maintain her sanity by continuing to deal with her mother, who now lives with her in Los Angeles, as well as starring in a television series that tells her about the bad ’90s sitcoms. Reminds me.

“We will see at least six different Anas because there are six episodes and each one is named like the first season: Almorana, Puritana, Zarana, Vilana, Nana and Guda. So you will see many phases of Ana in this season. “

Photo: Prime Video

In the first season, Ana appears frustrated with not being able to consolidate projects in Hollywood and the constant back-and-forth with her native Mexico. Very different from what happens in his real life with de la Reguera, if we take into account, above all, his latest projects.

“Right now I feel very lucky about my career. I think I’m producing in the United States and Mexico because there’s already a lot of convenient globalization for actors,” he insisted.

For him, the pandemic played a key role in shortening the distances and streamlining his work. “In a certain way, the pandemic has helped a lot so that through Zoom we can see you and me right now,” he exemplified. Through the same channel, she can interview with a director anywhere and at any time in the world.

The Enya series is released thanks to the streaming service in 240 countries and allows any member of the television or film industry to enjoy it and contact Enya to offer her a role in another production. Something that was unimaginable until recently.

“So it’s been very rewarding for me and the fact that I live in Los Angeles, but I also come to Mexico a lot. It’s so enriching because I need to be in one place specifically to achieve my goal. No need to stay. Now you can do your own projects and don’t wait for that call. I think it’s better to play Hollywood game like this.”

the challenge of photographing your family

In each end of the first season, the differences between the actual situations that occurred in Anna’s life were revealed parallel to how the series was portrayed. Ana is the daughter of Augusto Gardocchi and his wife Nena de la Reguera, a journalist and television personality who was Miss Veracruz. Facts that are used repeatedly within the series.

Another feature is that one of the main characters is her own older sister, Ali Gardocchi known as Ali Gua Gua, who stands out as a musician and for her fight for the rights of the LGBTQ community. His real-father makes occasional appearances and his mother is played by Tina Romero. “In the first season, I was very afraid of what they were going to say to me,” he confessed.

“I didn’t share many things other than my sister. My mom first told me she liked it, but she was also intimidated, although she was clearly very proud. Suddenly, he said to me: ‘But why didn’t you keep it? Or ‘Here you forgot to say that and here you forgot to say such a thing’. So, I learned my lesson. I would have shared more with them so they could give me more feedback,” he reflected.

He didn’t want to repeat those mistakes for the second and already confirmed third season. Now there is more characterization from his family as he had already watched the first season and loved it. “They also understand that it is a fantasy and they have entered the game. Already in the second and third seasons they are also developing their characters”, he highlighted.

loss effectors

Also in the series, Ana works with a Latintuber influencer of the time, played by Pali Duval, daughter of Consuelo Duval (whom we remember as Federica P. Luche). He has more than eight million followers on the social network. Viral Girl snatches the lead role from her idol Anna.

A real-life caricature in which these Internet sensations make the leap to traditional media or use their popularity to launch a career in music or acting. “I think there is no need to compete with them (influencers), because they create content that is also very valuable. I don’t have time to do what they do,” said Anna.

For him, they are two different fields that have to coexist and know how to complement each other. “Now, because of the premiere of Ana, I was trying to understand how the reel is made, how these edits are done and other things, it takes a lot of time. So, you really have to dedicate yourself to it and make it your life. They create content very fast, very fast and very easy to promote something, and for actors, that is not our job,” he said.

De la Reguera compared the situation to the situation when brands seek a celebrity to image in an advertising campaign. “To be able to advertise is incredible because you can live very well and make a great deal out of it, but I think it is not our job, our job is to act and not impress, all day Posting pictures on Instagram is not,” he insisted.

how to be with them

Anna became more introspective and shared her own experience with today’s social networks. “All of a sudden I find myself having days when I’m too attached to an application, and there are weeks when I haven’t posted anything and it’s hard for me to post again,” she admits. Still, she is satisfied because what she shares through the network is different.

“I feel so lucky, especially now that I’m promoting, trying to talk about the show and have conversations about it in all the media and social media. I’m talking about Ana. So social networks are very beneficial for that, especially if you have many followers and you can promote your content,” he insisted.

At the time, he created a section to explain how the two worlds could complement each other. “There are times when you don’t want to post anything, but it’s also a little selfish because people are consumed when you post it, but they want to see other parts of you as well, so you have to know that.” How to balance it.”

And he continued: “There are times when you have the time to do it and others when you don’t; when that happens, there are influencers who fill in the stuff everyone needs. We post because people like to hear from us, but that’s not our job and that’s completely different from an influencer doing things too fast, like a little Fast Food. The things you need and those that are more urgent.”

best rated people

Talking about the numbers that are impressive for this actress and the numbers she generates for this actress beyond the number of viewers indicated by streaming services, most importantly, her work is always there for the people who consume it.

“Lately I’ve been on the road a lot and I’ve got a lot of super nice words. For example, recently a girl told me that many of the taboo subjects I play in the series played out for the first time with her family. can go,” he said.

And there’s never a shortage of people congratulating him as he enjoys it immensely, others who had never seen him in a role like this until now and who became more fans or recommended the series for that reason. “It has been great for me to be able to be on the other side in a meeting with a director or a producer on a professional level, because now I understand they are talking to me from another point of view. See I didn’t have before. ”, he highlighted.

Photo: Prime Video

There the stopwatch that marked the time hit zero, but before cutting off communication, Ana de la Reguera left an invitation to all her fans in our country.

“I leave a big kiss to all the people of Paraguay and I hope you don’t miss this second season of Ana. If you haven’t seen the first one, I highly recommend it on Prime Video. Watch July 22 and if not, from now on they start missing the first season. A hug”, he closed.

The actress wants to show through Ana that she knows how to laugh at her life and the challenges that come her way, to find a place in American industry and to improve her place in Mexican entertainment. A proposition that the public in this part of the world can laugh at, and if you’re in the area you can feel very recognized too.

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