La Terraza Camila is the inclusive and instagrammable gastro spot you need to know about

La Terraza Camila is the inclusive and instagrammable gastro spot you need to know about

La Terraza Camila defines itself as an “inclusive gastronomy” place where all food styles have their place. The menu is carefully crafted to prioritize ingredients and flavor without neglecting nutritional content. It includes light, vegan, ketogenic or keto and traditional options, as well as for those who enjoy gourmet options and even for those who give themselves permission to enjoy a cocktail or mocktails from time to time.

Keto, vegan and conventional

The Keto or ketogenic diet It is a diet in which most of the calorie intake comes from fats and proteins and carbohydrates are eliminated. With the popularization of this trend along with veganism and vegetarianism, more and more people are looking for places that offer dishes that delight their taste buds without sacrificing the healthy aspect.

In Camila’s terrace Led by owner Alejandra Herrera, the menu features specialties such as chilaquiles, green or red, with varying degrees of spiciness, which can be enjoyed in vegan, conventional, and keto versions, the latter with cornmeal tortilla chips. Almond accompanied by chicken, egg or meat.

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“Since we conducted the market study, we have found that people in the Del Valle neighborhood and surrounding areas have few opportunities to enjoy this type of food. That’s why La Terraza Camila offers them these,” explains Herrera.

Chilaquiles, hamburgers and waffles for every taste

For those following a vegan diet, the spot offers a hamburger with portobello mushrooms and a mix of legumes, vegan cheese and potatoes. Along the same lines, there’s the Roasted Chicken Salad, a vegan option, alongside a mix of lettuce, two-texture green beans, turmeric, arugula and roasted walnuts in tofu vinaigrette, the protein replaced with mushrooms.

Virtually every option on the menu, even ones you might think impossible like waffles or muffins, has a conventional, light, keto, and non-animal protein option that’s replaced with a vegan product that does it creates The ideal place for a different breakfast, a casual lunch or a romantic dinner, also thanks to its unique decoration, 100% Instagramable.

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Cocktail and Mockteleria

Also for those who like to give themselves permission There is a wide range of cocktails and mocktails the first are made with the best Mexican distillates, while the second offer a trendy and delicious way for those who do not consume alcohol to keep the party going.

Camila’s terrace It’s part of an overall health project that includes the Zuuz Fitness Center, a studio with functional training, dance classes, boxing, yoga and other disciplines; Physiotherapy, spa, beauty salon and mental coaching aimed at helping people get the best out of themselves.

“The first idea I had to build Zuuz Fitness Center and La Terraza Camila came about during the pandemic because people wanted to take care of themselves, both physically and mentally. That’s why, in addition to the workouts we offer, we promote healthy eating and mental health. All the treatment we offer at Zuuz is very human and personalized to encourage people not to give up on a healthy lifestyle and to work together to transform their lives,” concludes Alejandra Herrera.

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Just over a year after opening, the Zuuz Fitness Center and Terraza Camila have helped improve the lives of dozens of people who have joined this project, one of the most comprehensive in CDMX.


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