La Voz Argentina humiliate Jorge Lanata and El Trese

during the night of last Sunday, July 31, and in a new episode for the Battle of Argentina TV Ratingsone more time was beneficial to the result voice of argentina, successful program of phone one who insulted the offer George Lanata You thirteen Thief ppt ,journalism for all,

The cycle faced by the ultra-opposition journalist Passwordentertainment program hosting Ivan de Pineda, at 10 pm. The Kirchnerist Anti-Channel proposal began with a score of 9.6; While the quick quiz game cycle 10.4 . was on,

Along with the traditional proposal to draw sketches and follow scripts that consistently pointed against Kirchnerism, Lanata was losing ground in the ratings and fell out with De Pineda. As his program began to take shape. and to end it, The situation worsened at 10:30 pm, when voice of argentina,

Argentine Voice Vs. George Lanata: who won the ratings on Sunday, July 31

voice of argentinasinging reality show redness esposito, Ricardo Montaner, maui wai riki You Loneliness pastorutti as jurors, carried forward phone Forcefully: had come for 13.7 points, whereas PPT (Journalism for All) 9.9 only. did,

As if that wasn’t enough, at the end of the program cream, The difference was even greater from the side of the three-ball schedule, voice of argentina He took him an average of four points ahead and sank him once again. thus, El Tres presents a complex scenario for executives, where they must propose other strategies to capture larger audiences.,

Jorge Lanata destroys Marcelo Tinelli

through the program lanata without filter By radio meter, Jorge Lanata and Marina Calabro show off Marcello Tinelli’s face in presentation photo sing with me nownew driver program thirteen, “It’s weird because we were born in the same year. I’m messed up,” Ultramacrista journalist said about the physical appearance of the television presenter of Bolivar.

In fact, he suspected the use of Photoshop on his face and Calabro revealed that not only were the edits touch-ups, but that his face had been operated on on several occasions. “But there’s not only Photoshop. There are wasps, everything… Marcelo has been touching his face for years, I’m not going to give you the scoop with that. Hyaluronic, plump, botox, radiofrequency… different treatments “slipped.

rejuvenated form of tinelli echoed among the journalists of radio meterEspecially from Marina Calabro, who launched a Chicano towards her former boss at the end of the show column. “Dear Marcy, sometimes less is more. A man whose face is so noticeable… he de-eroticises me”He expressed.


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