La Voz Argentina: The public chose and these are the 4 great finalists going for the consecration

La Voz Argentina: The public chose and these are the 4 great finalists going for the consecration

grand finale of voice of argentina (telephone) Getting closer. of eight participants (two from each team) only four left Who will compete to be the best in the competition before the new Signal Bet starts? Who’s the mask?Moderated by Natalia Oreiro.

It was a four-month long road trip from the blind auditions, knock outloss playoffsIn the round of 16, quarterfinals and semifinals, Marley finally unveiled the four great finalists, who stood between more than two million votes. they are Elias Pardal (Team Montaner), Yosawa Montoya (Team Soledad Pastorutti), Ivan Papeti (Team Maui and Ricky), and Angela Navarro (Team Lali Esposito).

La Voz Argentina’s two finalists announced

At 11 p.m., in the middle of the event, Marley announces that he has over one million votes. There were still many participants to sing. even later Special congratulations were given to Ricardo Montaner, who had a birthday And that he received congratulations via an emotional video from Ivaluna, Camilo and several relatives. “The truth is it touches my heart, I have a beautiful family, I’m so lucky,” said Montaner, teary-eyed after the surprise. “I keep crying because of you”He later narrowed down.

The program was then entirely dedicated to the semi-finalists, who put on a memorable performance to win the public vote. near midnight Marley delivered the final verdict.

was the first finalist Elias Pardali with 59.1% of the votes crew Ricardo Montaner. 26-year-old from Santa Fe came to audition blind “Finish what your father started”That is, to promote the songs composed by him before his death this year. The young man introduced himself with “Durzno Sangrando” and the coach turned around only at the very last moment of the song. From then on, his time on the program evolved until he became the hero of memorable performances, such as when he performed “Tango” in the quarterfinals or “Angel” in the eighth.

Elias Pardal’s presentation in the semi-finals of La Voz Argentina (Telef)

In the semi-finals he gave a brilliant explanation of “All Lungs” And Ricardo managed to move Montaner, who told him: “Elias has a special way of transmitting, but he doesn’t believe in it and that’s good. Ever since the song began, I’ve stood till the end.” “

Next Finalist, Representative of Team Soledad Pastorutti, was elected with 61.3% of the votes. Chubut’s man captivated the judges’ ears at the blind audition with “Avanzar” and made everyone turn their chairs. On that occasion he was flooded with praise from the five judges, but decided to represent Soledad Pastorutti’s team.

Soledad Pastorutti looks into the semifinals of La Voz Argentina (Telefe)
Soledad Pastorutti looks into the semifinals of La Voz Argentina (Telefe)Instagram: @telefe

In his development into the program, the young man was encouraged to expand his repertoire of folk songs and decided to do other types of songs, such as “Say Goodbye”; But without a doubt, his best hit on the program was “La Mazza”, which he performed in the round of 16.

“When my mother died, singing helped me out,” he said at the time and Ricardo Montaner limited: “I felt like that sound of moaning and then he tells this story and what I tell you makes more sense. Every time you sing you shake us up”, In his presentation in the semi-finals, Yosawa performed his version of “Zamba to Forget” and again stood out.

Ivan Papeti to represent Mau and Ricky was chosen third with 56.3%. The young man mesmerized the public and cartons With his special deep voice that he knew how to take advantage of slow and jazz songs. At only 18 years old, and in terms of university career, the San Antonio de Padua-born man became one of the most beloved contestants and sweetened the ears of Lali Esposito, who performed in a presentation in which he performed the song by Frank Sinatra. A song was made told him: “Desire to be loved while Ivan Puppety sang. What a version, I went into a trance! What a madness and what a way to fall in love with that voice!

He did a “little respect” in the semi-finals and his nerves played against him, he forgot the song, but he was able to finish well with the help of it. cartons, When it was finished, everyone cheered for him and expressed their grief. “You’re so busy, don’t be like that, you don’t have to be sorry,” Marley told him. “Definitely Not My Day”Puppety said and everyone again apologized to the participant. “I wish I could respect this song”, He added. Despite this, he went ahead and is a strong candidate in the finals.

Ivan Papeti’s presentation in the semi-finals of La Voz Argentina (Telef)

Angela Navarro contested the night and went on to represent Team Lali, eliminating Tomas Sagues with 64.3% of the vote. Born in Beraztegui, she began her story by interpreting “When No One Sees Me” in a blind audition, a song that led to cartons Turn chairs to add to it. From that moment on, she became a serious candidate to reach the final examples: “I don’t know if this place is for you or not because it shows that you are an artist who has everything very clear. Even the way you stand on stage.”Soledad Pastorutti told him on that occasion and they moved him to tears.

In his last appearance in the quarterfinals, he performed “Show Must Go On” and once again impressed everyone with his strength and singing quality. In addition, he mentored teacher Xavier, who taught him singing in the children’s home where he grew up for part of his childhood.

In the semifinals, she performed “Mi Reflexion” by Christina Aguilera, and eventually burst into tears. “What a cry, damn it,” Mau Montaner escaped. He thanked her and said that she is still not used to such repercussions. their coach Lali, who baptized her as a very powerful woman, told her: “It seems that there is no challenge for your voice, in all the songs you do something that no one expects, it is so nice to enjoy your talent.,

After 2,800,000 votes which was a record, Marley announced that the final would be played in two parts: the first on Sunday at 10:30 pm.and the second in a special edition on the Monday before the premiere of ‘Who’s the mask?’, The program that will replace La Voz Argentina is coming to an end.