Laboratories celebrate the repeal of the amendment that will allow pharmacies to conduct tests

Laboratories celebrate the repeal of the amendment that will allow pharmacies to conduct tests - Metro Puerto Rico

The Association of Clinical Laboratories (ALC), the Board of Directors and the hundreds of partners of the organization celebrated this Tuesday the elimination of the amendment of Senate Bill 258, which seeks to allow pharmacies to perform laboratory tests.

The project has now been approved by the Puerto Rico House of Representatives, and will soon go to the Governor’s signature.

The majority of the affected unions united with one voice to demand the abolition of that amendment. Organizations that unite laboratories, medical technologists and pharmacies, as well as the College of Physicians and others, raised their voices in protest and were heard.

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The change also faced opposition from the Department of Health.

“Today the bill was approved by the House without the amendment. A few days later it was also approved without changes in the Senate. We are grateful that the country’s legislators have kept their promises. Have them put the action where they put the word. This decision is not in favor of the laboratories, but for the benefit of the patients and means of maintaining quality health on the island. There is no need or problem of access to laboratory tests or services, because the Island has more than 1,000 laboratories, enough to ensure the ideal access of the population to these services,” said the president of ALC, Wilson López-López.

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“This success allows us to continue to provide quality services in the clinical laboratory with the medical technologist. The professionals working in the Clinical Laboratory are academically prepared and with the necessary practice to manage the quality controls of the tests that necessary in health care. The Laboratory is the place authorized by law to produce and deliver the results. Our people will continue to trust the expertise and accuracy offered by the results of the tests performed in the laboratories, ” added López.

López applauded that the legislators took a step forward and rejected the change, “now the legislators voted in favor of the country, the patients and the health of Puerto Rico.”

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