Labra and sexual harassment she experienced at work in 2017: “It was a shock for me…I decided not to go back” | National

 Labra and sexual harassment she experienced at work in 2017:

Representative Paula Labra commented on the case of sexual harassment she suffered when she worked for a private mining company, and called on women to report.

Deputy Paula Labra (IND), who is the Minister of Health of the Metropolitan region, spoke to BioBioChile about the case of sexual harassment he experienced when he worked for a private company in the mining sector.

“This situation happened in 2017, when I was in a mining company for approximately two and a half years in the same position, working as a technical assistant to one of the managers, where there was a you are quite polite and respectful relationship,” commented the parliamentarian.

According to the legislator, they have a lot of work with the manager, but it happened that one day he told him that “They were obvious, sexual, which shocked me a lot. That day I went home and I remember that I cried all week – because it was Thursday – and from there I decided not to return to the company and to present my resignation on Monday.

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Deputy Labra talks about the case of sexual harassment he experienced when he was working in a private company

Regarding whether he reported this case at the time, Labra says he did not, because he felt embarrassed to be questioned or doubted.

“When I left the company, the next day I decided not to do it because I was scared. Shame because they asked and suspected me. And a long time passed. One week one of the managers called me, the other managers and told me to talk, that they would transfer me from the person who made this harassment,” said the deputy.

Labra accepts, but ultimately it’s something that’s “very complicated.” “They made my life difficult, trying to get me to resign and leave, without reporting anything. And I left with a legal number called self-dismissal.”

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Even in the midst of all this, the representative’s father was sick with cancer, a situation that led him to “quit” and “not continue with any kind of complaint.”

“They’re victimizing you again and it’s very complicated”

Labra knows “that there are many cases of women who have experienced something similar, who feel the same shame, the same guilt to think that they have done something wrong and do not act, they do not it was reported or with a purpose. , or they started it like I tried. I and they didn’t continue because it’s a complicated issue.

In the opinion of the representative, “women are stigmatized where they ask for more tests, they victimize you again and it is very complicated. Therefore, I know that there are many women who have gone through this and prefer not to do anything, but I invite them to have the courage to do it, to report, to continue all the times necessary, because in many The cases are not the only one. And anyone who harasses has certainly done it before and keep doing it, because usually nothing happens in these cases.

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“That’s why I invite you to make complaints and dare to do so, if you suffer from cases of sexual harassment, we can eliminate these bad behaviors that are of course traumatic in many cases, ” said the parliamentarian. .