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Lago Escondido: one of those involved has been convicted of illegal espionage and the case has come to Ercolini, one of the defendants

while the government alberto fernandez Only one of the judges in Bariloche, Buenos Aires city officials and Grupo Clarin officials who were involved in the Lago Escondido case chats in the courts of Comodoro Pai were condemned, separate proceedings initiated by two passengers on the voyage. to the wealth of British magnates Joe Lewis They moved stealthily as part of a “counter-attack”. so he was able to decide on elDiarioAR From sources with direct knowledge of the facts.Rodríguez Lareta On The Controversy Over Lago Escondido: &Quot;A New Operation Of Kirchnerism&Quot;

Rodríguez Lareta on the controversy over Lago Escondido: “A new operation of Kirchnerism”

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federal judge pablo yadarola filed a complaint at the Economic Criminal Court over the weekend for alleged illegal espionage, after conversations via the Telegram application began to circulate on the Internet and in which he, along with others involved, plans how to mask Jae Tripp suspects the gifts – it is being investigated whether it was paid for by Clarin and Lewis – and Bariloche influences the judicial investigation so that the prosecutor and judge close the case.

Judge Yadarola’s complaint fell to federal court by lottery Julian Ercolini, Other judges involved in the Lago Escondido case. The cause was assigned to prosecutor Eduardo Taiano, also on duty on the day of the complaint. On the morning of Sunday 4 December, when chats and audio revealing the alleged maneuvers were published by the media, Ercolini asked his colleague Marcelo Martinez De Giorgi To assume the case for the moment, because the judge himself is caught up in the facts.

In that first moment, Ercolini appeals to the figure of “the judge’s momentary absence” so as not to interfere with the first steps of the file. Martínez de Giorgi commanded the Special Investigations Section of the Buenos Aires City Police Track down the IP address from which the contents of D’Alessandro’s hacked phone were published and offered for sale. The judge also asked the experts whether the website can be blocked or taken down. The next day, already in court, the case was sent to a lottery to settle it in a new federal court in Comodoro Pi, number 12, which is vacant and assigned to Judge Ariel Lijo, according to judicial information. Still working.

through a website, The hacker requested only $600 for information and, at the request of various users, provided “proof of life” chats of the Minister of Security of Buenos Aires: He published screenshots of three Telegram conversations: the one already known about the Lago Escondido case; A communication between D’Alessandro and businessman Daniel Angelisi, Former President of the Boca Juniors Club; and a third chat between the official and the contact determined as “Fed”, about which details are published in elDiarioAR with versions of the people involved, D’Alessandro said via the medium, “These alleged chats were obtained through illegal espionage.”

It is still unclear who put together the “Patagonian Facts” website, which published the entire Telegram group chat on the Lago Escondido case; If the information was purchased by one of the hackers or if the violators of D’Alessandro’s line decided to make public the 908 chats they claimed to have obtained from the messaging application used by the Buenos Aires minister. did.


What do authorities know about the hack so far? There is another file, which precedes the file started by Judge Yadrola over the weekend. Minister of Buenos Aires D’Alessandro and deputy diego santilly (simultaneous to changes in the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security and to D’Alessandro’s predecessor) He lamented that his cell phones—actually his lines—had been hacked over the course of two days last October. the complaint was in charge of the judge Maria Cervini, who recused herself from intervening in recent days as she was close to both the complainants. There has also been a complaint by D’Alessandro to the prosecutor’s office in City Computer Crime.

On 5 November, Clarins published details of the complaint, which was confirmed via With direct sources in the matter: Information provided by Movistar determined that hackers took control of the cell phone lines of both for approximately 20 hours and also sent messages and made several calls to foreign countries. How did they do it?

D’Alessandro’s telephone line subtraction maneuver was carried out on 19 October at 3:26 p.m., by replacing the SIM card, using self-management modalities, according to the complaint he had agreed to. elDiarioAR,

Hackers Acquired a New Chip in El Dorado, Michiganon the border with Paraguay. He carried out an online self-management process in Movistar, in which he had to answer a series of security questions, which D’Alessandro and Santilli had configured. After entering the correct answer, they were successful in grabbing their rows, Both leaders are convinced that they were the object of an intelligence operation. According to relatives, the security questions and answers were based on personal information that was difficult to access.

“My connectivity was affected as a result of this circumstance and although I claim I was able to recover it, which required a new chip to be installed, those who stole my identity were able to access personal and confidential information such as my personal contacts. Tried and WhatsApp message content”, D’Alessandro explained in his complaint.

In the courts of Comodoro Pi they risk other hypotheses: the judges believe that hacking can happen A maneuver within the framework of simultaneous internal politics for changethat is, operated by parallel intelligence fields that respond to the political space they integrate into Mauricio Macri, Horacio Rodriguez Laretta why Motherland Bulrich, in full contention for the 2023 presidential election; Or an operation of the services that answers Kirchnerism, since the first chat was published five days before the vice president’s sentence. Christina Fernandez De Kirchner And among those involved is one of the judges who investigated the cause of action: Ercolini. The former president and government quickly cashed in on Chatt’s influence. Fernandez de Kirchner accused the members of the leaked chats of being part of a “judicial mafia”.

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On Friday, December 2 at 12:55 p.m., a Twitter user posted the first alert about the sale of information from D’Alessandro’s phone to the website. Another user posted this on September 1 at 11 pm. “I am selling the entire data exported from Telegram from the phone of the Argentine minister + 500MB for $600 (author’s note: dollars). BTC or Monero only(referring to cryptocurrencies), published in English, with a capture of a portion of the information from D’Alessandro’s telegram: “908 chats, 4,099 contacts, 24 consecutive”.

This is the only post by a user in this forum that claims to be a “continuation” of the Red forum, another site dedicated to the same purpose that was opened in 2015 and removed after FBI intervention this year, Secret Service and the United States Department of Justice, because he was able to confirm elDiarioAR From the direct source of matter.

Following its publication, other users interested in the information requested a “verity check” and the publisher agreed to publish a series of images of the information.

There he offered to capture the Telegram contacts of D’Alessandro’s phone, such as the one scheduled as “Daniel Angelici”, and a specific exchange of calls and Telegram messages between the Minister of Security of Buenos Aires and a bingo businessman. Macri, former president and former president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), was accused of being one of Together for Change’s “judicial operators”.

One of the IPs used by the website where the contents of the phone were put up for sale belonged to an entity based in Russia. In turn, the domain that was used to host and sell the content is registered with a portal based in Finland.

The website that disseminated chats between the judges, Clarins executives, D’Alessandro and others about the Lago Escondido case uses an IP owned by Cloudflare Inc., a content delivery network that Works as an intermediary between the user and the hosting provider of the website. , based in San Francisco, United States, which has a history of providing information to security forces upon request and blocking reported content or removing domains that publish it, told Medium about a source in the matter Told in

NOTE: This note was completed on December 8, 2022 at 3:37 PM to inform that, according to judicial information, the case initiated by the complaint of illegal espionage, delegated from the beginning to the Taíno prosecutor and after the new drawing The file was settled in Federal Court No. 12, presided over by Judge Ariel Lijo.

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