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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi: Maithli will be seen fighting with social trust and dowry system

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Mumbai Whatever society has always said to women, it does not matter. Women have been powerful, brave and remarkably very strong. This is also true in real life and it is very important to see these women in TV shows, movies and web series.

With this in mind, in this summer season, Star India wants to shed light on a prevalent social challenge, with many young girls still fighting in many parts of India and that is the dowry system, which is to be seen in the upcoming new show ‘ Will be presented through Lakshmi Ghar I ‘.

Over the years, Bollywood films such as ‘Slap’, ‘Queen’, ‘Pink’, ‘Madarni’ have all highlighted the women empowerment in India and other issues that women have to face in India. Now, Star Bharat and Shakuntalam Telefilms together have chosen the beautiful and talented actress Simran Paranja to play the role of daring Maithli in their upcoming traditional TV show.

Maithali’s visit will reveal how she fights social trust and the system of dowry. Through the show, the actress wants to promote the thinking that girls are not a burden on anyone but their assets.

When Simran was talked about the show, he said, ‘Laxmi Ghar Aayi’ The show is a reflection of our society and the world in which we live. We intend to make India aware of the age-old system of dowry which is still alive in many towns and cities. Everyone knows that dowry is illegal and immoral, but they still practice it. Our society has named it ‘Gift’ so that it sounds good.

Dowry simply means that you are placing a price tag on a girl or boy and buying it. I hope that my character Maithli will inspire others to do the right thing and become self-reliant. My character will shed light on how harsh and shaky this centuries-old practice is, which people are still practicing when they should face the consequences. “


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