Lali Esposito and Santi Maratia’s passionate kiss in full singing

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Santi Maratia and Lali Esposito shared a passionate kiss in the middle of a rendition by the singer. “Should we put twine together or not?”, The artist asked him, while fans told about the expected event.

In another attempt, the two whispered in each other’s ears until the influential person understood what the singer was proposing, that Was to join the “Chap Tour” With a passionate kiss.

Maratia had earlier proposed collect 25 million pesos To assign them to rebuild the Hotel Gondolin, which receives trans women from all over the country. A fire broke out in the place a few hours after a march by the “Ni Una Menos” movement in Plaza de Mayo. Its guests at the time condemned it as a “transphobic attack”.

For this reason, Lali decided to join the collection and make it available to her social network. Spread the word about the cause. The money was raised quickly but a promise fell in the way.

“Well guys, these stories are very important. I’m going to talk directly to you, my fantasy. Others said, the best fantasy. I was just talking to Santi Maratiya, Which tells me that 8 million 500 thousand pesos are missing for the final number, which is needed to rebuild the Gondolin Hotel, which receives a lot of trans women from all over the country,” published the former Cassie Engels.

And he continued: “So we thought of two options. We thought, she says… She thought. The first option is that one million people put in $8.50. The second option is that 85 thousand people put in $100. Huh.”

Lali finalizes the reason: “The celebration if we quickly get to the 8 million 500 thousand that are missing… Where could it end?… On the Chap Tour,” Proposed by the jury of La Voz Argentina.

During the singer’s final performance, Shanti Maratiya took the stage and after collusion between the two, they melted in a passionate kiss Which was celebrated by all the fans who watched Lali’s show.

Some assured that this kiss lasted longer than the previous one, with China Suárez, Nati Jota, Alejandra Efimer and even a fan of Esposito, who referred to the singer as “Kabala”. worked on.