LaLiga market booms in winter

LaLiga market booms in winter

Spanish football has improved significantly over the past winter transfer market and is no longer on breathing assistance. However its health and economic strength remains behind that of other major championships. LaLiga has spent €121.4 million this January (€45M in variables), more than triple the amount from a year ago (€37.65M). The great movers of this market have been Barcelona (the biggest spender) and Granada, which has created almost a new team: nine arrivals and eight departures. The Nasrids are the ones who have signed the most and are also the ones who have entered the most. However, at the opposite end of the spectrum is Real Madrid, who have made no movements throughout the winter market.

The evolution of the winter transfer market in LaLiga.

First Division clubs have been strengthened with a total of 44 players (another 44 players remain), which is more than the signings that took place last year in this winter window (40). Despite the financial difficulties the Barça club is going through, Vitor Roque’s contract for Barcelona has been the most expensive of the entire championship (30 million fixed and 31 more in variables). Another reinforcement also arrives, such as Vermeiren to Atlético (€18+9M), the second most expensive. Apart from money, however, Granada stands out at the forefront in what it has strengthened most in this window: nine new players. Precisely, a team that fights not to be relegated.

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Despite increased spending in this winter market, the investment of €121.4 million in players has been barely distributed among eight teams: Atlético (€27.8M), Athletic (€2M), Barcelona (€61M), Betis (€20M ), Real Sociedad (€3M), Granada (€2.5M), Celta (€4.5M) and Alavés (€0.6M). Few clubs have been able to make this attempt due to LaLiga loosening economic controls a few months ago following the suffocating conditions experienced by Spanish teams this summer. Despite this, the employers’ association does not consider it a green signal that this market has increased transfer spending so much, as they are still far behind the rest of the major championships when looking at the overall balance of the season (including the summer). , Although he is optimistic about the coming season, especially due to the recession in the Premier League, he believes it will help reduce the ongoing bubble in football and the exorbitant prices for some footballers. -The demand for salary will also stop.

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If eight teams have taken out their wallets, several others have strengthened their squads at zero cost, as is the case of Sevilla, Villarreal, Rayo, Mallorca, Getafe, Valencia, Almería and Cadiz. Only four teams have not been strengthened this winter: Las Palmas, Osasuna, Verona and Real Madrid, with the last two teams fighting to win the league. The case with the Whites, however, is different because, apart from not buying, they have also not sold any players. Being the only first division club that is completely stable. Who knows what will happen this summer from Mbappé’s point of view…

Like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Rayo have also not launched any exit campaigns this winter. Even though Rayo had many players on the ramp: Anteca, Martín Pascual, Pozo…Granada is at the opposite pole, since it is the team that has entered the most through its exits, a total of 21.5 million, All for Brian Zaragoza. In this way, Spanish football has closed a very intense transfer market, in which the green rays are beginning to appear. Spending capacity begins to recover and operating volumes increase.

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