Laptop processors are getting cheaper


First of all, we should clarify that different types of processors are not manufactured. The usual thing is to launch a design to “print” and those with defects are used for other ranges and models. And it is that there are usually small errors in the manufacturing process due to which the CPU does not meet the desired standards.

Processor market in limelight

Sales of new computers have declined with a drop in demand following COVID-19. Currently, the demand for new systems is at its lowest in the past decade. This has led to a drop in the cost of RAM memory and SSD, but it is not uniform across segments.

I Entel and AMD He uploaded loss prices His processors is by far the most expensive for desktop computers. Curiously, if we talk about the processor of the laptop, things change.

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Specifically, we are going to focus on intel Who has presented financial data for the first quarter of 2023. In general, the company has registered a 36% drop in revenue stands on 2010 figures. In addition, the company records two quarters of falling revenue.

Financial reports show that shipments of desktop and laptop processors declined by 32%. But, at the same time, average revenue has increased by 5%. Behind this curious fact will be the demand for systems for workplaces and gaming.

Of course, now comes the most relevant data. price of intel processor For dessertsa ha up 5%, Also, the price Did laptop processor He dropped 9%, It is also noted that the sales of low-end processors have increased significantly.

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Intel Core Processor

An increasingly exclusive market

If we look at it as a whole, computers have become incredibly expensive. NVIDIA graphics cards only increase in price generation after generation. Adding hardware, which not everyone wants, makes the final product more expensive, as well as increasing consumption and thermal problems.

Along with processors and graphics, motherboard prices have also gone up. This basic component has become costlier by an average of 10% over the past three years. Making computers increasingly less accessible.

From my point of view, the average user is pushed in a new way. First, buy the Xbox Series X or PS5 to play, for their competitive prices. Another option is cloud gaming, which is currently one of NVIDIA GeForce Now’s most popular services.

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If you want to work, study or surf, buy a cheap laptop and that’s it. In the end, it’s worth buying an Xbox and a laptop for around 400-500 Euros than buying a gaming computer for hundreds of Euros.

let’s go back. Hardware is becoming more expensive and more inefficient (though they sell otherwise). They are also adding elements that are not as original as what they create.


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