Late is lame: Albany has no excuse for expiring backup budget

Late is lame: Albany has no excuse for expiring backup budget

Whether the state budget should be finalized today or tonight or tomorrow or whenever – and regardless of how many additional billions it spends, including corporate welfare for NFL billionaires, and bail and other criminal justice statutes in the final document. Whether or not to include the reforms needed for the government—the Hochul and Democratic supremacists in the state senate and assembly have already caused real harm to the more than 60,000 people who perform difficult and necessary tasks in state facilities such as prisons and psychiatric hospitals.

These 62,000 people on the institutional payroll should be receiving their bi-weekly direct deposit checks today. Some of them may not be, and it is entirely the fault of Hochul, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-cousin, and Assembly Speaker Carl Hesty. At the end of baseball season, we ask: Can anyone here play this game?

State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli, in any way an enemy of Hochul or the Senate majority or Assembly Democrats (he was a longtime fellow Assemblyman), warned everyone in public notice on March 18, two weeks before the April 1 constitutional was given. Deadline for a new fiscal year, that paychecks may be at risk.

He also gave them a handy backup plan in case the April 1 date got blown up and the budget got delayed. All that was needed was an extension of state spending to be passed by both houses and signed into law by 4 p.m. on Monday, April 4. If lawmakers can make that deadline four days after their legal deadline, Dinapoli can still approve each bank to make timely payroll payments and release its direct deposits on time.

They did not pass the extender bill till 4 pm and it was decided that everyone would get paid. So now it is hit or miss if the money shows up or not. If those hardworking people have trouble making their rent or mortgage or credit card bills because of a two-week hiatus, they know who’s to blame.



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