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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Launch of Liberals starting on Sreedharan joining BJP: Metro’s contribution rejected as anti-democracy

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Ever since Metro man E Sreedharan has taken membership of the Bharatiya Janata Party, ever since the ‘Liberal’ Jamaat Babble on. As if he has forgotten how important he played for the metro rail network. Those doing this include a cardiologist (cardiologist) at the hospital in Kochi. Doctor Varun of the Kochi-based Medical Trust Hospital claimed that Sreedharan is a replica of an average ‘hardcore high caste’ Hindu uncle who has all the privileges.

Dr. Varun’s deleted tweet

After this, the doctor wrote in a tweet, “People like Sreedharan consider India to be an area that only needs roads and trains. Rather they do not see how many dreams and aspirations of millions of crores of people in this country. ” Do not know how these two very different things are connected because millions of people who have dreams go through those roads and trains and fulfill their dreams.

After this, all the internet users pointed out deficiencies in the argument given on this issue.

Some netizens even asked the doctor if he asked his patients before seeing their patients or before giving them medicines. Because in his tweet, the reference to caste given on the metro train makes no sense.

After all such criticisms, the doctor deleted his tweet and secured his account. But Dr. Varun is not the only one who is mourning ideologically when Sreedharan joins BJP.

A Twitter user named Samrat even dismissed Sreedharan’s contribution for the Delhi Metro. Because as the head of the Delhi Metro Railway Corporation, different sections were completed on time or before the scheduled period. During this time special attention was also given to the budget, but ‘Liberals’ hardly pay attention to it.

One such film actor Siddharth mocked Sreedharan’s age by joining him in the BJP.

Nikhil Wagle, a media person, compared him to the German dictator Adolf Hitler.

Some even went on to say that Sreedharan has opposed democracy by taking BJP membership.

After officially joining the BJP, Metro man Sreedharan had told that he had been associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh for a long time. He told that he was a volunteer since his school days and the Sangh has played the most important role in deciding the values ​​of his life.

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