Laval daycare tragedy: two hero fathers who became “boyfriends for life”

Andre Beaudoin and Mike Haddad

A year earlier on February 8, a bus in Laval was deliberately driven into a daycare, killing two children. As this tragic anniversary approaches, while we still know nothing about the suspect’s motivations, parents and caregivers have agreed to share their memories of this tragic day. Is.

Through tears, nightmares and scary flashbacks, the two fathers who saved children and subdued the suspect in the Laval daycare tragedy a year ago have developed a friendship so strong they now call themselves “boyfriends for life.” Are.

Initially, the friendship between Mike Haddad and Andre Beaudoin was not destined to happen. One is a construction contractor and the other is a watchmaker in a shopping centre. The two men had never met at the daycare, even though their children had been attending there for some time.

But one mild February morning, as fate would have it, they witnessed an event that defied all logic – a Laval city bus crashed in front of their daycare, killing two children and several others. People got injured.

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“At that moment, we looked at each other and we didn’t move,” says André Beaudoin, a father of two children, including a baby he had dropped off at the establishment that morning. It took us two or three seconds to understand this because at first it was all complete madness.

Andre Beaudoin And Mike Haddad

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Immediately, both men went into action mode. Andre immediately used toys and small broken chairs to rescue the bloodied and screaming children trapped under the bus. Mike focused on the suspect, the bus driver, whom he wanted to quickly subdue.

“I didn’t know what he was going to do after he got off the bus,” she said. That’s what bothers me, what would he have done if no one had blocked him?”

Realizing that Andre was out of breath, Mike went to help him get the other kids out from under the bus. Andre, for his part, took over from Mike, controlling the suspect with the help of other parents until the police arrived.

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“I was covered in blood and my clothes were torn from sliding under the bus,” recalls Mike Haddad.

Andre Beaudoin And Mike Haddad

Mike Haddad in an interview with a journalist on the day of the tragedy. Photo agency QMI, Joel Lemay

After the uproar, both the fathers reached the police station to give their statements. When he was allowed to leave, Andre refused to leave the premises.

“I needed to meet Mike again,” he said. When he came out, we hugged each other for a long time. without saying anything.”

Since then, the two friends have been almost inseparable. Their families meet often and even celebrate together on 31st December to end this difficult year.

“This guy is a warrior,” Andre said, squeezing his friend’s shoulder. He’s my boyfriend for life, that’s for sure. There is no one else who can understand what we went through that day.”

“Good night, Jacob.”

As far as their children are concerned, the biggest impact was on little 3-year-old Sam.

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“He was very good friends with little Jacob, who passed away,” said his father Mike. When we see stars in the sky, they say good night. Jacob’s mother gave him the toys and they are his most prized possession. He is very involved with it.”

Mike Haddad and Andre Beaudoin aren’t the only ones who have been in touch. Groups of mothers and fathers were formed after the tragedy and many of them still communicate regularly to support each other.


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