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Lawrence’s workforce contributes to economic recovery

Edgar Alexander Gómez Ramírez, spokesman for the Industrial Group for Productive Recovery (CIREPRO), encouraged the efforts that, to date, shown by workers from more than a dozen companies, are contributing to the economic recovery of Lara State. (Barquisimeto) , during the year 2022.

Gómez Ramírez, Laurence in reference to the decisive contribution of the working class during the first meeting of the productive forces, an activity held this Thursday, September 22 at the company’s headquarters in Tubelka, organized to promote the productive engine from the experience of Cirepro Went.

There, the workers’ councils of twelve companies, including the hosts Tubelka, Polyplast, Alentuy, Euraplast, Lactase Los Andes, Roca Esmeralda, Construber and Agropivot, met.

Fundacite Cirepro Y Los Consejos De Trabajadores Impulsan La Economia En Lara
Fundasite, Cirepro and Labor Councils Lara . boost the economy

Successful case: Tubelka

Tubelka Water is a portfolio company that was born in the midst of the economic crisis, the main feature of which was the financial blockade against Venezuela. The workers approached their management with a sense of belongingness, discipline and a new spirit.

In the midst of this crisis process, Gómez Ramírez-Informed Head of Operations at Tubelca- “We assumed an innovation process, redirecting production, not only manufacturing pipes but also silos, fuel tanks, pressure resistors, pressure cylinders, plates, Also manufactured Anchor. , Industrial Kitchen, among other products of the metal-mechanic company».

They understood that they had to go beyond manufacturing tubes into a large metallurgical company dedicated to iron and steel for the overall development of the engine.

Tubelka manufactures helical carbon steel pipes ranging from 16 to 100 inches in diameter, up to 12 meters in length.

Currently, they have opened up to other products and they anticipate that their management will have a transverse effect on all producing engines in the country, as they manufacture the pipes that carry water to all towns and industrial areas in the national territory. go.

The headquarter of the above company is located in Barquisimeto, seven kilometers of the highway through Quibor and has an administrative office in the capital district (Caracas).

It was created in 1975 and nationalized in 2009, which is why it has already begun a process of “conflict and transition” for 13 years, explained Gómez Ramírez, who in turn emphasized that That “workers play a fundamental role and this company is part of the legacy of Commandant Hugo Chávez, who tried to make these companies productive directed by workers».

The company has automated workshops, machines and equipment, electrical workshops, a light and heavy transport fleet with logistic capability.

How did they do it?

Gomez Ramirez explained that workers have applied a different method to traditional management since 2020.

He called upon all workers who underwent detailed diagnostic procedures in the administrative and operational areas, managed the specialty of the productive and administrative, and then developed an action plan marked by the direct involvement of the working class.

At the same time, he established alliances with Venezuelan state companies and some affiliated strategic companies and began to provide concrete answers to the redirection of production of new products. “Everything in the context of the worsening of the crisis,” the workers’ spokesman insisted.

«The method of direct and democratic participation of workers through permanent assemblies led by the productive workers’ councils (…) forged in the heat of the workers’ struggle, guides planning and concrete actions, which without doubt made Tubelka a powerful made the company».

Primer Encuentro De Fuerzas Productivas En Lara 2
The first meeting of the productive forces took place in Laras

He took risks for economic recovery

For the men and women of Tubelka, the company was formed in a systematic process, beginning with the diagnosis, its execution, control and follow-up passing through a plan, which allowed to obtain concrete results to guarantee the study Was. Market.

“The same actions created productive relationships with other affiliated companies and produced timely and tangible results,” Gomez Ramirez said.

Apart from meeting the needs of the entire water sector (central and hydrological) in the country, he was involved in the development of the Ministry of Housing and Housing (MPHVV).

Through trials and trials with a pipe required by the state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) for cooling systems in refineries, they obtained their certification for manufacturing carbon steel pipes in helical welding machines.

Similarly, they implemented a resource economy and risked achieving positive results, so “the working class is asked to obey these processes,” the activist acknowledged.

health benefit

Two years ago, Tubhelca experienced a significant recovery of its physical plant; They conditioned the facade (including the murals and ornamentation in general), the main tower, the sewage system. Currently, all machines are operational, with a significant investment defined by their employees.

Among the actions he describes, maintenance of machine and tool turning lines; Activate pipeline repair lines to verify welds, as well as pressure and hydrostatic testing of pipelines; He took back the entire system of transformers and compressors of the company.

“We had to spend the night and face some ill-intentioned people who wanted to liquidate the company. We have struggled, struggled, it is okay and they understand and the morale driving this process of change. And full of self-esteem. Now with the group we are taking a stage at a better level of the organization”, said Gomez Ramírez.

they teach by example

Tubelka has 110 employees with a proven ability to participate in pipeline projects, not only from the ministry to which they belong, but from other national companies such as Polyplas and Tomas Grace.

Regarding the above companies, Gómez Ramírez outlined that the members of the Tubelca Workers’ Council and Cirepro provide support to the so-called administrative boards, created after their owners were abandoned in the face of the crisis induced in Venezuela by the United States blockade. Had gone. ,

“When the owners left the companies and the Ministry of Labor’s Social Process appointed their administrative boards, we have been a strong supporter of revolutionary solidarity; among the working brothers, to attend to their vital knots and their nerve points. “, They said.

Workers’ spokespersons have, at present, disclosed the passing of several managements, and claim to feel that “in the two years we have been guiding the company we have taken it to the point of recovery at 90%”. Beyond the thesis (that) that workers are the grave-diggers of capitalism, I would say that we demonstrate that in something as simple as the issue of innovation, we lead the country in the productive process of satisfying worker needs. are able to do so, through the expansion of the products and services that the population needs”, said Gomez Ramírez.

university support

For his part, Miller Guevara, the state spokesman for the labor producer councils, confirmed that the work was carried out with the support of the Lara State Scientific and Technological Council, where the fundasite and experimental university «Andrés Eloy Blanco» and alma mater participate. “Martin Luther King”.

Guevara said, from that alliance, he valued the contribution of specialists in the repair of many of the Polyplas company’s machines, which were paralyzed and, in an expression of the efforts, “removed from abandonment and put into operation with the production of plastic bags.” was.”

He also believed that Cirepro was born in the state of Lara with an important purpose, “to reactivate the companies paralyzed as a result of some of the machinery in need of repair to recover the economy in the state of Lara.”


He concluded with a call for Venezuelan workers to continue to delve into each production process, understanding that people demand that companies be run with “awareness and a sense of belonging.”

He stressed that “it is no longer a phase of idleness, that resources are limited and must be cared for and reproduced.”

Similarly, he insisted that “without a doubt, with President Nicolás Maduro, the head of the republic, activists will continue to advance in the proposal of these national companies,” concluded Gómez Ramírez.

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